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advanced nutrients ph perfect

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    More chemdawg I think everyone should have a chemdawg in thier stash / supply lol
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    Getting some nitro def I think so might add some grow in next feed thoughts?
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    Everyone say hi to chemdawg auto indoor growing advanced nutrients ph perfect
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    Larry aka headband just the top halves of the bud branches main big colas. Will keep lowered another week with quarter dose feedings . Very impressed with this quality well done reserva privada thank you for the opportunity.818 day 72 flowering . Since pistils showed.
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    Curly /headband after two days upside down hanging in dark mostly about 40 hrs or so . Think I could have let a bit longer I’m thinking 72 hrs next run before I remove them Humidity good aroud. 50-55% Temps around. 66-70f lately. Fan on opposite side of room so it goes in the direction of...
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    Week five OGC flower