advanced nutrients

  1. Lisaalexstark

    Name That Deficiency

    Hello Smokers and Smokettes!! I have been having some serious issues with my grow closet :( please im hoping someone can define whats going on here before its too late! ive already had some horrible things go on here. so im using an 135W HLG QB288 V2 paired with a KING PLUS 1000W, not truly...
  2. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese's HPS Organic Garden With 2x Pineapple Chunk Barney's Farm

    Gretings 420 community; I am glad to say that I have switched to organics for my next grow. I decided to do that simply because I don't need oversized yields anymore. I am looking for the best taste with the possible maximum potency. I decided to grow one of my favourite strains, which is...
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    OGC week five flowering
  4. F95D895B-8B45-47F7-8F34-8A41E1D494FE.jpeg


    OGC emerald triangle
  5. TheMadDabber

    All Aboard - Dabber Blooms Buds In The Tub Of Love

    Hello my dear 420 family friends and followers! :ganjamon::circle-of-love::420::circle-of-love::ganjamon: I'm back (never left?) For the second installment of growing strawberry kush in a bath tub. The first adventure was a fun one but I am hoping that was the tip of the iceberg in relation...
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    Curly still spotting white pistil at day 54 ppm in 650
  7. P

    My First Journal

    Just wanted to say hi and post a little about my latest grows. The first is in a 1.2x1.2x2m grow tent under a 600w hps with a 5" fan for extraction passive intake. 3 Kings banner clones and one blz all in coco and fabric pots still vegging atm so 18/6 light cycle temps roughly 25c/17c. The...
  8. 2

    Advanced Nutrients Bloom Micro & Grow - Pack of 3

    Has anyone used "Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3" if so.... 1. What was your experience with the auto PH balancing? 2. The end result, better or worse than FF or GH? 3. Would you use Advanced Nutrients again?. 4. Would you replace your current Nut's with Advanced...
  9. D

    My First Grow! DWC - GSC & Sour Sage - The Grow Tent

    Hi Friends! Welcome to my first grow! I'm very new to this, no experience infact. All the choices I make come from blog posts and YouTube videos. If you see me doing something obviously wrong, please let me know. On the other hand if you see me doing something right, I'd also love to know as...
  10. I

    First Seni Star Hydro Week 4-5

    Basically I had a couple of seeds left over from a grow 5-6 years ago and decided I'd give hydro a crack.. Had roughly 12 seeds to start with and I honestly didnt think they'd germinate concidering how old they were. Only 3 of the 10 I used actually germinated. 2 of them were topped by some...
  11. Flashashh

    Flash's Pynamite Coco Grow With LED's

    Welcome to my first ever grow journal! I've been an avid follower of the 420 mag site for a few years and have learned so much from all of the amazing members here. After reading for some years i have decided its time to give back to the site and hopefully help other members like myself. i...
  12. Moonshine17

    Moonshine's Backyard Blueberry Auto Bash

    Hello, I have always loved getting my hands on blueberry meds, & now I have some autos in the pots waiting to greet us. This journal will mainly focus on the blueberry auto, but I have a few different ones going on as well. I'll get to those later. This will be a very simple grow as this is...
  13. O

    Sweet Seeds - Coco - 600HPS Bloom - 400HPS Veg

    Hello every one! This my first journal on 420magazine[emoji85] I would like to see every body! My grow base on coco plagron 20 liters pots, and two pots 10 liters on terra. In coco i am using advanced nutrients base and stimulates of it. For terra i think To bay Bac nutrients, but I don't use...
  14. Veghead

    Veghead's 3rd - Soil - LED & HPS - Autos - SSH - Amnesia - Big Bud - Northern Lights

    So figured I'd start a journal seeing as I've enjoyed reading so many others on here. I've not really posted much, just been one of the silent viewers, appreciating all the info and learning a little something new everyday. Hopefully you guys will enjoy and we can share our knowladge, experience...
  15. ColoradoGriz

    Colorado Griz's - Ebb & Flow - Coco - LEC 630 - Grow Journal - 2016

    Colorado Griz's - Ebb and Flow - Coco - LEC 630 Grow Journal -2016 Thanks for stopping by, I've been away a long while but I'm back to check things out. I've only been growing for a few years now so this is all still a learning process for me. I'll spare you boring personal background stuff...
  16. B

    Advanced nutrients Jungle Juice A and B formula

    what's up everybody how's everybody doing? So I'm putting this post up because i haven't found to much about this well im here to tell ya this stuff is fantastic. Over the last few months ive did a side by side of a strain from Cali Connection the Budda Tahoe Og and i must say the results really...
  17. B

    DNA 24K Roll Out Drum Roll Please!

    What's up everybody so this is my second post I am in a med state I do have over ten years of growing expertise long time lurker figured its time to share some of my experiences and knowledge and couldn't be more excited to roll out my grow journals then with DNA Genetics 24K this strain is...
  18. The Dealer

    The Emperor's New Grows - Mars Pro Series Cree256/Cree128 Perpetual In Coco!

    :welcome: Space - Veg Tent - GL120 3'11''x3'11''x6'7'' Flower Tent - GL145 4'9''x4'9''x6'7'' Autos Tent Custom PVC made tent 3'6"x3'6"x5' just for Autos Lights - Veg Mars Hydro Pro series Cree128 LED Bloom Mars Hydro Pro series Cree256 LED Autos 4x 270watt GalaxyHydro UFO LEDs Mechanical...
  19. oozc

    Advanced Nutrient Ratios Help

    hello, i am new at growing, so i m confused with nutrient ratios. i am going to use advanced nutrients 3 part micro grow bloom set, it says i should use 1 : 1 : 1? is it okay to use same ratio whole grow? can i use just grow and micro for veg , bloom and micro for flowering? or should i use 3...
  20. S

    2nd RDWC Help! Experience Needed!

    Ok here's whats is going on 4ft×4ft×78in Apollo tent 1000w dimmable hps/mh 3 - 5 gallon insulated setup 2 plant buckets and 1 res all wrapped with insulation and white tape all over to reflect heat 100 gallon air pump with 4in stones in each bucket 24 in carbon filter inline...