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  1. New Product to me - Cal-Mag Xtra

    New Product to me - Cal-Mag Xtra

  2. 2

    Advanced Nutrients Bloom Micro & Grow - Pack of 3

    Has anyone used "Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3" if so.... 1. What was your experience with the auto PH balancing? 2. The end result, better or worse than FF or GH? 3. Would you use Advanced Nutrients again?. 4. Would you replace your current Nut's with Advanced...
  3. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla - 30% Off Advanced Female Seeds This Weekend

    30% off Advanced Female Seeds - click the name to see what they have to offer. This weekend only - no coupon code needed. Sherry
  4. B

    Advanced nutrients in flowering

    I am in my third week of grow, Dutch Passion's Glueberry OG an Auto flower, the plant is showing pistils, I sprayed X-nutrients Bloom on the leaves and watered with Advanced Nutrients; Grow, Micro, Bloom, 4ml each along with B52 and Cal-Mag, ph'd 6.3, I plan to go to bloom in two weeks. Forums...
  5. Ron Strider

    LA: Carencro Businessman Awarded Medical Cannabis Contract

    Southern University has awarded a contract to grow, process and distribute medical marijuana to Advanced Biomedics, whose majority owner is Carencro native and entrepreneur Carrol Castille. Castille spoke about this opportunity saying, "My team and I are honored and thrilled to have been...
  6. SwAggNiFiCeNt

    Critical Kush - First Time Grow - Coco Coir

    Hello everyone:welcome: and welcome along my first and surely not my last adventure. This being my first time, i'd like to welcome everyone to give advice, hints, pointers, thoughts, anything at all is always welcome, wanted and appreciated. Strain is femenized "Critical Kush" from Dinafem...
  7. HigherTheHigh

    Nutrients advice needed - Already running a selection but want to add

    hello all! in to week 5 now. currently running northern lights with: canna a+b. canna boost. advanced nutrients big bud. advanced nutrients bud candy. what else can i run to get a heavey yield, buds are looking really nice and want to add a bit more if i can as im going to cure...
  8. choccitydgk

    ChocCity Genetics Perpetual Grow

    Wassup 420Mag community. I am back to try and complete a full journal. During my last journal attempt, my wife had a pregnancy issue and we ended having our baby girl 3 months early. All is well now, both the wife and baby are doing great (baby girl now 13 months old). Now that things have...
  9. B

    Bloombastic along with Advance nutrients

    hi, i use advanced nutrients grow and bloom,but i want to try bloombastic along with big bud, B-52, bud candy and nirvana. Can i do that or i don"t need advanced nutrients in the blooming period if i use bloombastic with only the base nutrient (sensi bloom a+b) ?? can anyone tell me a feeding...
  10. 14m2h1

    Wanna try RDWC after few years of organic soil grows - Help with nutes & theory

    Hi there! I've been growing in soil for some time and wanna try RDWC. So I've searched a lot and there are still few unanswered questions. 1. how do I "water" my plant? Should I change whole 6 gallons of soultion once a week or it is OK to add that missing part of solution when plant eats it...
  11. S

    Polynesian Haze & Tangie Northern Oregon First Timer Outdoor Grow

    Strains: Tangie and Polynesian Haze Strains started from Seed Seeds were obtained form family friend breeder Soil: Indigenous mountain soil(Sedimentary and clay) 3ft deep tilled-in veg compost E.B. Stone top soil, Cocoa, and non fertilized E.B. Stone potting soil mix Mykos mixed in...
  12. Chazzmo

    Advanced Blue Diesel & Biodiesel Mass Auto Closet Grow 2016

    Hello everyone, This will be my second ever grow attempt. I got through my first grow with some bag seed and a whole lot of reading on 420 mag. I just got into growing about 4 or 5 months ago and I'm hooked. I love learning everything I can about growing so don't be afraid to tell me what I'm...
  13. D

    Advanced nutrients advice

    Hello all! This is my first post, I am at work so I'm going to keep it short and simple, I have 6 plants about to go into their dark phase in 3 days, this is my second year and I've decided to do completely different nutes, and was wondering what a good feeding cycle is using advanced nutrients...
  14. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's New Room & A 6 Plant: 4 Strain Auto Grow & Perpetual All LED Baby

    Hello Eveyone Going to start off a perpetual grow in my new room today. Starting with 6 Auto's for the first month and then adding several photo periods from there. I just finished building a new grow room in the basement. What a pain in the butt. Wanted something a little bigger than the...
  15. K

    DWC, Advanced Nutrients or Flora?

    I have 2 options for this grow. Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro, Grow 1L Each General Hydroponics Flora Series QT - FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro, 32 oz each Are these suitable for DWC? Preference to one or the other? I rather not have to mess with PH as much. I saw PH...
  16. josh223

    Advanced Nutrients

    I'm switching base nutes to Advanced. I meant to buy the Connoisseur but bought Sensi. Four gallons. Veg A&B and Flower A&B. They are still hermetically sealed; unopened. Guys at the shop are awesome beyond belief. I could return them no problems asked. Is there that big of a...
  17. S

    Advanced Nutrients and first time grower!

    Hello all, I'm a newby here, my names Sel and I'm from the UK. I have 5 plants that are now on their 6th week grow. I have bought Advanced Nutrients micro/grow/bloom 3 part feed for my plants but I have an issue. I'm not sure how much nute I'm supposed to be using, I started with 2ml...
  18. Emilya

    Emmie's Advanced Female Seeds: Knockout Journal, 2016

    This grow is dedicated to the contests here at 420magazine and also to OlderGrower, who gave me part of his recent prize of a $50 gift certificate for Gorilla Seeds. Gorilla then blew me away and said that I could have my choice of ANY 10 SEEDS, no matter the price! 3 of the seeds I chose...
  19. Cultivator

    16 Pot - RDWC Hydro - Pro 4800W

    Hey everyone Welcome to my grow journal. A brief introduction. I am a commercial grower and have been a member and journalling here at 420 for about 7 years. I grow mainly Coco and RDWC but have grown in everything inbetween. My journals are places of learning and questions and input are...
  20. F

    Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle with Pro-Mix

    I have a friend that will sell me his unused unopened Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist bundle really cheap and was wondering if this would go good with a soilless mix like Pro-mix good. If not then what growing medium would be good with the hobbyist bundle. This is like a $140 package that I can...
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