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    Aurora Indica - Indoor - Soil - LED - Grow

    Hi All! Been wanting to do a journal to share my experience and get valuable input from the community. A quick summary of what we're looking at: Strain: Aurora Indica feminized. Bonus strain: Freebee seeds, unknown variety/gender. Medium: Soil. Smart pots, 3 or 2 gallon (I don't...
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    MitchConnor's Organic Tent

    I'm back with my next grow. Here a some quick details. Tent- Growlabs GL80 (2'7"x2'7"x5'11") Lighting- 600w Hortilux, Radiant 6" Hood, Lumatek Dimmable Ballast, 100w *********** Diamond Series Nutes- Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer's Pride Organic Line Soil- Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Lime...