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  1. cannaruss

    Cannaruss' Adventures In Hempy Style

    Cannaruss' adventures in Hempy style
  2. K

    Weed Country Adventures Provides Marijuana-Friendly Rafting

    Central Point, Oregon - Weed Country Adventures is the first marijuana-friendly rafting tour business in the area. Owner Mike Boutin started WCA this summer because he believes there is a niche of people who would enjoy rafting and smoking marijuana. Oregon laws prohibits the recreational...
  3. K

    Kanizas Sweet Deep Grapefruit Halloween Start

    Hey everyone I'm trying to figure out the picture part of this and will throw a few out soon. I'm still working on my grow space and improving everything. Consider putting as much of the following information as possible to start the thread with. What strain is it? Sweet deep grapefruit Dina...