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  1. Coastal Dharma

    Just looking for some advice

    Hello all! I am new to growing (Second grow). So all i ask is everyone be polite and if you have nothing constructive to say I respectfully ask that you don't comment. Growing is my "Happy Place" while i take care of my Dad who's sick(Cancer). And Continue on my recovery from addiction(8 months...
  2. Coastal Dharma

    Veg to Flower.. What is a good way to make the transition?

    Hello All! Im wondering what everyone does in preparation/the process of transitioning their plants from Vegetative to Flower. I'd like to hear everyones opinion on going from 18/6 to 12/12 (Do you do it in one day? Step the timer down over a # of days? 24-36 hours of dark? etc... BUT more...
  3. Coastal Dharma

    Help needed: don't know what to do moving forward!

    Hello everyone! Im very new to growing and this is my second grow ever! So be gentle folks! :Namaste: I started this grow off with 6 plants (2 Oregan Peach), (2 Granddaddy Purple), (1 charlottes web CBD), and (1 Do-Si-Do) ALL FEM Photo seeds from Crop King seeds. I started them in small...
  4. phiGweed

    First Time Growing in Coco

    Greetings Everyone! First Time growing in coco. Had no idea what I was doing and am aware I screwed the pH up in the beginning. I was giving her 6.5 ph’d water like my other plants. I am now making sure her water is ph’d at around 5.8. I tested the coco recently and it read 5.7. Now, my plant...
  5. Dabeast09

    First Time Growing: In Need Of Advice! Day 25 Since Popped

    Hello! Happy to be here, I have read here obsessively learning as much as I can from the vast experience of growers. I use a 60x60x160 tent (excuse my metric) with an inline fan and a quantom board Led 150W. I grow in soil. The plants in are in 3gl pots. I feed bio nova nuts by default...
  6. phiGweed

    Advice on fans, air circulation and PM

    HeyI have a few questions on air circulation. The reason is because today I looked on my exhaust fan (black AC Infinity) and saw some white powdery substance. Now my plants don’t have any on them and I quickly wiped the fan with alcohol. I have 3-6” clip fans and a 6” exhaust fan. Should I be...
  7. F

    Looking to start

    Hi, I'm currently doing alot of reading on growing and looking to make it a hobby with it being legal here in Canada. I would like to become self-sufficient for my cannabis needs which are approximetly 2 pounds per year. I live in a condo, with a small child and i was wondering if anyone could...
  8. B

    First Grow Ever! Please Give All The Advice! Aurora Indica, Coco Coir, Indoor, 2018

    First time growing literally anything. Not a single plant of any variety haha. I've read a bunch of forums and guides. Which equates to a knowledge base slightly above zero haha. Really doing this as a hobby because my friends and gf smoke, and I needed a hobby. Sounded fun to do all of the...
  9. M

    First Grow - Stunted Growth?

    Hello, I am 5 weeks in to my first grow and I’m wondering if my plant has stunted growth issues. I germinated my strawberry kush seed and planted it in to FFOF in a solo cup and then transplanted to a 1.9 gallon fabric air pot after week 3 because the solo cup had poor drainage. Currently it is...
  10. two.jpg


    Close up
  11. 420GoddessxX

    I am totally new at this growing outdoor!

    Hi my name is Erika and I am from Nor Cal but I live in Central Texas for now. I'm doing my first outside grow, I did a indoor grow a couple years ago with my dad and we had got the clones from a friend who was about to toss them and start over since he didn't want to deal with the issue (...
  12. M

    Help, advice or both?

    Im Billy, in my mid 50s with 25 years experience in horticulture. I worked as a consultant for many nurseries and think selling starters in 2" to 4" flats may be where I fit in the industry. I retired from the business after the housing bubble bust in the mid 2000s. I work in social media now...
  13. A

    Next grow advice tips tricks

    Hello too all i have harvested smoked all my weed up now and im on my next grow. Just looking for some seeds advice as im finishing up my purple bud grow who didn't turn out too good and im looking for a potent strain too do a good chemical weed that hits hard when smoked if you see what i...
  14. D

    Red stems?

    got quite a lot of red stems no main stems any advice?
  15. H

    Weird blotches on leaves

    I made a thread the other day, and thought I came to a conclusion. I was debating between phosphorus and nute lock. Then I decided to take a look under my 5 gal, and noticed she had 1/4 inch roots sticking out, so I added a second pot under her with 1/4 soil. That was yesterday. So it still...
  16. D

    New Grower Looking For Help - Thanks!

    Hey, I'm a new grower and I just wanted to ask for some advice. I'm growing a clone I received about a week ago. Cinex clone by the way. I'm growing it in my closet with a 200 watt LED and potentially some CFL's for added light. My problem is I think I over watered it, I know noobie mistake but...
  17. D

    First Grow - Scrog & Trimming Advice

    So this is my first grow, got a 600w hps over my 3 babys, aurora indica, god bud, and bubblelicious. i have them in 5 gallon pots in happy farm soil, 12 hr light cycles, light is 23inches (58cm) away from the canopy, 3 months and 10 days old (13 weeks) they have been in flowering for almost 2...
  18. M

    Opinions needed on my new grow box please!

    Hi i am now on my second grow (in my new D.I.Y grow box) 22 days exactly from when I planted the seed. she has been planted in john innes seedling compost mixed with john innes farmyard manure and perlite. I am only feeding her 60 ml of ice cold tap water once a day just before lights go out...
  19. G

    Spider Mites or New Grower Paranoia? Please advise

    I'm on day 21 of my first grow. I noticed over the past few days what appear to be spider mites but I'm a new grower and aware I might just be paranoid... Can someone advise if they look healthy? I want to transplant them into a bigger container this weekend but not sure if that...
  20. hfpuEF

    First Time Grower - When to harvest?

    Not sure if I should harvest or wait a few more days?
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