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  1. N

    First time grower

    I seem to find myself reading alot on this site so I decided to sign up.. Just started my first grow a couple weeks ago.. I think I'm at day 12 from the time they sprouted until now.. I started with 4 seeds..(bag seeds from something that was called Santa's little helper).. I am now down to 2...
  2. R

    First hydroponics, hell, help me

    I kept it in tap water for about two weeks. The time has been around for two weeks, but the growth is only about one week. I have a lot of advice today, and I set it up. A day has passed since I installed it. But the babies have not changed at all. Why is there no change? Is it not sensitive to...
  3. M

    Advice needed

    Hi, I need advise on wether I should try canabis oil or not I am in so much pain from surgery from a year ago.. Have never tried canabis for a pain relief as I don't want to ask my doctor Can anyone advise me Would I be able to try canabis oil while still taking oral morphine and wearing my...
  4. G

    Advice with autos feed etc

    hi all this is my 1st post and i hope some of you can give me some advice i have 1 x purple queen 2 x choc skunk (my fav) 1 x monster skunk 1 x ak 49 and 1 x amnesia haze all autos i have only been growing for around 6 years i have done regs but autos suit me better anyway i stopped growing for...
  5. J

    Please advise - First time DIY hydro setup with day 2 of germination

    Thank you in advance for any and all help. I\'m in the germination process using the paper towel method for lowrider dwarf autoflowering seeds and from the YouTube video I watched it said not to use rock wool or clay pebbles, only plant directly into soil? Correct me if I\'m wrong but doesn\'t a...
  6. baxbax

    Need advise on choosing flowering nutrient

    Hello,Is this good npk for flowering ? : Hot Mix N-P-K™ | High-Analysis NPK Fertiliser
  7. Smokeater

    My First Time Growing

    I don't have any photos as I don't have a digital camera. But I planted 3 seeds that I have gotten out of a bag (can't afford to buy them), 2 grew and after 8 days they are about 5 inches long with the small leaves on top. I am going to find a camera but could someone also explain how to add a...
  8. S

    Can't search or upload pics?

    I can only search using the mobile version on my phone and if I go onto the desktop version it just says protocol error? Can anyone advise this has only happened over the last week or so
  9. facemir

    What's wrong with my plants?

    I have a yellow "fleck" on all my leaves can anybody advise what is possibly causing it.
  10. Y

    First grow AK49 3 weeks old any advice welcome

    Hi I'm a first time grower and this is my 3 week old AK49 auto flower. I grew it with an LED light and I think it is growing well but I may be wrong as I have no previous experience. Any general advise would be helpful. I would like to know if the plant is at the right size for it's age and if...
  11. animesick

    Any advice would be Great!

    SOIL GROW - 50 days old, 7in tall Strain - ? Reggie(all I could get locally) # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - ? Lights - (2) Lights I ordered from AeroGarden(I cant find any specs) Nutrients - None yet Medium - miracle grow, organic choice mixed...
  12. D

    Anyone using TSB (the scrog box)

    I have been looking for a complete all-in-one solution for a scrog grow. is it possible this is the right solution for me? http://thescrogbox.com i do need it to be as stelth and as small as possible. did anyone use this? or anything else for that matter that resembles this product and i may...
  13. Kwsmoke

    Outdoor set-up help!

    I've been thinking about starting an outdoor grow for next year but I have a few questions about prep. I know that I should dig a hole 3' wide x 3' deep for each plant, but can I just amend the native soil and reuse it? I plan on having two seperate spots with around 25 plants at each one...
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