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  1. 420Actual


    Hello, I am 420 Actual. I am new to this forum and wanted to say hello to everyone. I am a disabled veteran of the Global war on Terror (GWOT), Op Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. I am an enormous Marijuana advocate. Forum and free speech advocate and altogether community advocate. I will...
  2. K

    Medical Marijuana Companies Form Trade Group In Maryland

    Several companies that will grow and process medicinal marijuana in Maryland announced Friday the formation of The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association, or MedCan. The trade association started with 20 founding members said it will advocate on issues that affect the industry...
  3. R

    Georgia Advocate Takes Advantage Of Loophole

    A medical marijuana supporter says a loophole in state law encouraged him to try cannabis oil on his autistic son for the first time. Dale Jackson is an outspoken advocate for legalizing the cultivation of medical marijuana in Georgia. He says the current law addresses cannabis oil containing...
  4. T

    New Michigander

    Hey all! New to the site. Michigan native who has become a medical maryjane advocate!! Seeing how much of a difference it makes in so many lives...just want to spread the good word of weed!!
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