aero ponics

  1. ilikebike

    How To: Transplant from Aero to Soil

    Hey guys , when i first started cloning this video helped me out tons. Some people (including me at first) dont know that you can move an aeroponic clone to soil. This video should help Tremendously!
  2. MrDocGanja

    Abandoned Kandy Kush 100% Organic TLO Grow Along Side Aero Table Grow 1200 Watt

    Hello i am MrDocganja but you can call me doc or asshole what ever you prefer. lol J/K. but i decided to start a grow journal to help me log info on my grow,get feedback,and if i am luck help someone. i will see how things go as i go one but i plan to try to do updates not only with pictures...
  3. MrAero

    Hello all

    So Im just dipping my feet into this for the 1st time. I have decided to go aero-ponics, as the yield and the root seem to be most ideal. However, as you can imagine, it is a challenge. pH, PPM, humidity, etc. But its really fun, and so far, Im on my 3 week of some nice clones I had purchased...
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