1. C

    What method of training or trimming is this?

    Hey everyone, I came across a thread with Heath Robinson's Aeroflo grow. I too have been growing in an aeroflo 60 but have been using every other chamber so thirty plants and growing them bigger and bushier. I was wondering what technique he uses and if there is a name for it? I believe he is...
  2. C

    DWC 4x8 tent lighting

    Hey everyone, I'll admit I have been a reader here for a few years and finally now deciding to join! A lot I have learned okay let me back up mostly everything I have learned has come from reading hundreds of debates, journals and tutorials on here so I want to thank everyone and the creaters...
  3. CommonGround

    Aeroponics setup questions

    i am in the process of making an aeroponics setup. i have a room with a closet. i am planning on keeping aerocloner and mothers in the closet and having two aeroflo 60s in the main part of the room. i would like to have one 600w hps light on a light rail for each aeroflo 60. would this be...
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