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  1. The Sleeping Joint

    The Sleeping Joint: Soil, Monster Crop Sour Diesel, Grow Journal 2019-2020

    Hello all, I'm starting a grow journal and is going to be updated weekly. I am currently at week 22 and in day 31 of flower. Started with an outdoor grow, flowering Sour Deasel. I cut 6 clones from it, all with budding sites "Monster Cropping" is what I'm told that is. This is my second year...
  2. M

    Howdy From SoCal Daygo!

    HIGH everyone from Sunny SoCal!!:peace:I'm a medicinal user and it's GREAT to find other fellow 420'rs!! I found this site while trying to find something on how to use an Aerogarden to grow some personal. It's actually kinda cool. . . this gal digs it... LOL:yummy: Anyone else who's growing...
  3. S

    Ebb and Flow Flowering and AeroGarden Cloning

    I am doing my last crop before I move. I took several cuttings from my mother plant to clone in my AeroGarden and in my cloning tray. I am thinking about doing an outdoor crop of maybe 2 or 4 plants in different locations, but I am fearful about planting outdoors. I located some areas, but I...
  4. S

    2'X2' closet setup / transfer from AeroGarden to Ebb and Flow

    I attended a small party with some friends. The stuff they had was good, but full of seeds. I took around 20 seeds and placed 7 in my AeroGarden after using the towel method. 6 of the 7 grew. I waited until there were 3 set of leaves to transfer to my small ebb and flow setup. Specs...
  5. M

    Strawberry cough - Aeroponic Grow 2

    Howdy folks, This is my second grow in an inexpensive aeroponics system I put together in my phonebooth style shower. It fits perfectly. Anyway I am attempting my second grow, it's really my first official attempt since the first one was very experimental and I stress the mental! It's been an...
  6. A

    Help: Aerogarden Pro 200

    i just rescently purchased an aerogarden pro 200 for a little closet hydro. i haven't found too much about the quality of the grow or how much it will yeild compared to regular soil grow. if anybody can help me out with some information regarding growing with this new contraption. was it a good...
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