1. steelcap956

    Unknown bag seed grow, LED, Day 6

    First hydroponic grow ever. ppm 415, pH 6.5, res temp 70. This is day 6 after first set of round leaves. Anything out of the ordinary that I should worry about please let me know. Thanks, Steelcap.
  2. steelcap956

    Aerogarden with added airstone/pump

    Just added extra aquarium air tank and two air stones in a T fashion right I. The middle of my Aerogarden7 LED. Waiting on my autoflower beans and a pH/TDS meter to arrive soon. Still far from ready for a bonzai bud machine grow but it's getting there
  3. R

    Are these pups ready for harvest? Images

    Hey everyone. Question here for the experts. Grew a few plants of Nitromatic and PowerHaze with the Aerogarden Bounty. I basically had them in vegetative stage for 30 days and then switched to flowering mode where they have been for 6 weeks. These two plants look like they are almost...
  4. 3Andron3icus3

    Green Bastard's 1st Journal - Tangerine Dream Indoor Hydro - Aerogarden - 2017

    This is going to be my first grow journal. I've only grown one successful plant directly prior to this (Jack Herer indoor from bag seed using the stock LED Aerogarden). I learned some things about using the Aerogarden when growing the first plant; most importantly I learned that the LED hood on...
  5. shmeg

    Abandoned Small Tent Grow: Incredible Bulk Feminised

    Date: 5/22/2017 Time: 5:00 P.M. Strain: Incredible Bulk (Feminized) Type: Mostly Indica Breeder: Dr. Krippling Genetics: Big Bud x Super Skunk x Green Spirit I've had a few good soil grows under my belt; as well as a few failures; but have somehow managed to stay high throughout...
  6. Cannabs


    Hello Guys. How can i grow weed with this system ? AeroGarden
  7. L


    It's been a while since a grow, any thoughts on this method for Trainwreck autofem? Once the seeds pop with a good tap root, I put them in an Aerogarden with a CFL light and sponge type seed pods for a week or two and let them establish some good growth and root system. Then transfer to a...
  8. CMJJMC2000

    Completed Chilled Aerogardens & Mars Hydro Reflector - 3rd Grow - Critical+ Auto & Med Gom 1.0

    Wow, onto my 3rd grow project already! Just to recap my history here...... February of 2016 - started up 2 x Dwarf Low Flyer's (autofem) by Crop King Seeds. 1 chilled Aerogarden with 1 Mars Hydro Reflector 48 in a 24x48x60 tent. Completed April of 2016. June of 2016 - started up another...
  9. F

    Aerogarden Grow - Diagnosis Help

    Setup: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED: 30 Watt LED lighting for plants; tailored light spectrum to concentrating daylight white LEDs for fast growth, blue LEDs for bigger yields, and red LEDs for more flowers and fruit. Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro (9-3-6) Liquid Plant Food PH: Kept between...
  10. N

    Completed Nonamebrand's Aerogarden - Auto Fem Dwarf Lowflyer - 2016

    This will be my first attempt at growing here are the details: Room: 5X4X3.5ft Lights: 5 X 26W CFLs from Aerogarden Air pump with 2 air stones Fox Farm Nutrients (Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom) PH up and PH Down General Hydroponics PH test kit Oscillating Fan + Heater...
  11. mouser

    Completed Haven't Killed It Yet

    Hello all. I never thought this would get off the ground. Its only been 2 weeks and the poor dear has been through a lot. I guess some background is in order. My first grow was many years ago after my first place, a 'real' job and bought myself a Phototron. Add bagseed, and...
  12. hwnchili

    Completed Hwnchili's Aurora Indica - Hydro Scrog

    I'd like to share my current grow. I'm always learning from the 420mag community, so maybe this can be of some help to a grower in the future. The objective of this grow was to see how I could reduce cost & maintenance required for a hyrdoponic bucket setup. I chose to use Aerogarden's (AG)...
  13. CMJJMC2000

    Completed First Grow! - Aerogarden Ultra With Mars Reflector 48 Using CK Dwarf Low Flyer

    First off, I want to start by throwing out a big "Thank You!" to all of those who have contributed knowledge to these forum boards. Without y'all providing the knowledge, I wouldn't have the ability(or confidence) to attempt this. Second, some background on me. This is my first *real*...
  14. CMJJMC2000

    Aerogarden setup questions - Assistance greatly appreciated from Renegade69

    Long time lurker, first time poster. In fact, I created an account in hopes that I could PM Renegade69. However, I see that I need at least 50 posts to be able to do that. Hopefully, he'll see this thread. If not, hopefully some other aerogardeners will. My autoflowering tomato seeds will...
  15. C

    Aerogarden - Browning tips but maybe not nute burn?

    View image in gallery Ok, im using an Aerogarden Bounty and The trio of Fox Farms hydroponic nutrients at 1/4 strength. I'm in week three of flower and everything was doing fine until the humidity dropped from 35-40 down to 20-25. The plant started drinking lots more water and thus, from...
  16. Ferboldt

    Is this nutrition burn?

    Hi everyone, Here I have an Lemon OG Haze Aut. Fem from Nirvana. She is 5 weeks from seed in AeroGarden 1gallon with 45w LED lights. I was feeding her with the AeroGarden standard liquid nutritions. After starting with Flora Series; Micro 7.5ml Gro 7.5ml Bloom 7.5ml Got marks...
  17. Ferboldt

    Completed Lemon OG Haze Auto Fem Under LED

    Hi guys, After trying 4 months ago with a bagseed, which turned out to be male after growing healthy, I ordered Lemon OG Haze Aut. Fem. seeds. It's in AeroGarden Ultra Led next to Basil, Dill, Mint and Oregano. The AG has an extra aquarium airpump and no additional lights. PH is...
  18. F

    1st grow help needed - plants look like there dying!! Aerogarden grow

    Hi guys it's actually my second grow the first grow actually died after three weeks because of ph an other stuff so this time I'm more organized Second grow Aerogarden Seeds : auto flower female Northern lights Ph level are at 6.1 using advanced nutrients kushie kush Temps are...
  19. F

    New to 420 - first grow!

    Hi I'm new to this forum my name is aj I decided to grow my own plant because in Australia the weed is very crap here it's all wet and funny looking bud an have a crap smell and all laced with chemicals that try to get you high So I decided to buy a smart garden / aerogarden just to...
  20. The420Dude

    Aerogarden 7! Does it work?

    Well I have always used soil but Hydroponic grows seem to be the talk of the town on here. I was on Craig's list today and I happen to stumble upon an aerogarden 7. After a small amount of research, I ended up purchasing it. It only cost me $45 and its only been used once to grow some...
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