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    Can I use ultrasonic mist maker fogger for Aeroponics?

    Can i use ultrasonic mist maker fogger for Aeroponics ?
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    Bucket Cloner
  3. "i wasn't finished, yet!"

    "i wasn't finished, yet!"

    filled that n partial other. 1, or 2 tanks, prolly.
  4. garagegarden

    Rotary garden

    Witam wszystkich. Pracuje jako hobby i codzienna hodowla medycznej marihuany CBD. Tworzę hydroponiczne, aeroponiczne systemy do uprawy roślin CBD. Używany CBD do celów medycznych.
  5. InTheShed

    Building an aeroponic cloner bucket, aka The Cloninator!

    How to build my cloninator aeroponic cloning bucket! This is the original but I've made a few modifications since then. I'll put those at the end in case you'd like to try them. I started with a 2 gallon bucket and lid from Home Depot. I got this pump from Amazon...
  6. Z

    Aeroponic newbie

    Hi guys. This will be my first post on my diy Aeroponic system. Please I am looking for a lot of help on nutrients and microbiology in the Aero system. What nutrient and additives are recommend for aero. Can microbes be added to res. Will add some pics of my system so long.my grow room is still...
  7. Z

    Aeroponic newbie

    Hi to all you 420 peeps. My name is Jono and I am a very interested Aeroponic newbie. I would love and appreciate all the help possible on my journey down the Aero road. So excited to be here and hopefully make some good friends on the way. I will start a thread with pics of my room and my...
  8. T

    New Style Growing Bucket! Opinions Wanted!

    I patented this agricultural bucket some time ago and now currently having more 3D printed for testing. It mixes an aeroponic style with deep water culture. It has an upper "halo" that normal 5 gallon buckets do not possess. The halo has aeroponic misters on the inside and the tubing is on the...
  9. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow with LEDs

    Hi gang, ogiesel here! back at it with the HP Aeroponics. As some of you may already know. My last HPA grow ended in the plants being thrown out because they both turned Hermi. They were both doing extremely well too. Vigorous growth & great overall health. It was a good test run as it was also...
  10. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow

    Greetings to everybody here at 420Mag. Ogiesel here! First time poster on this site, I normally use Canabis boards but it's gotten pretty out of control over there so I've decided I'll start a new account somewhere else & wound up here. I'm currently in the middle of my first HP aero grow, two...
  11. H

    Low pressure aeroponic sprayer height - Should I spray the netpots?

    Hello! I have recently learned the hard way that it is possible to water log/over water rockwool/rapid root inserts sitting in a netpot of hydroton with Low Pressure Aeroponics. I got lucky in my first grow-tote where the PVC spray bar was by random luck positioned lower and only sprayed the...
  12. H

    6 plant tote - 3 plants with stunted growth - Possible causes to affect only some?

    Hey guys, I am at a loss here. I have no idea what is happening to a few of my plants. This is my 3rd grow, each time I've used aeroponics. I have had the clones for a week and a half, every plant inside the same plastic tote, a total of 6. 3 of the plants are stunted. I also have 1 with a dried...
  13. J

    Aeroponic Headaches

    I recently decided to try my hand at with aeroponic growing. I converted an 8 inch PVC pipe into a root chamber. The root zone is kept at 64 degrees and is misted with nutrient solution at 60 degrees for 45 seconds every 2 minutes. I've been having a lot of issues with dialing the system in; one...
  14. M

    Deficiency in blooming stage

    Is this a magnesium or sulphur deficiency? My ph was stable in veg until a couple of week into bloom the ph began to drop from 5.7 to 5.3 every day....so im using a recirculating dwc with aeroponic spray.
  15. dumme

    Aeroponic aquaponic worm beds

  16. J

    Water pump recommendation.

    im setting up my 1st aeroponic build in my room. im using 4 pcs of 4 inch x 4 inch x 6 foot pvc. inside each pvc, im setting up 5 mist nozzles inside. so i have a total of 20 mist nozzles for my setup. Im still waiting for the nozzles to arrive from E-bay tho heres my photo of said setup in...
  17. F

    Tower Garden

    Anyone tried a tower garden. I am thinking bout it . just curious. thanx Farmer
  18. The420Dude

    The Lonely Lab Rat - AeroGarden 7 Test - 2014

    Welcome fellow 420ers! I recently purchased an AeroGarden 7 for $45. I did a small amount of research before I purchased it and I seen some interesting things so I figured for what it's worth, why not try it. So here we go!!!! What strain is it? Stinky Fruit (Strawberry Cough x[ Train...
  19. The420Dude

    Aerogarden 7! Does it work?

    Well I have always used soil but Hydroponic grows seem to be the talk of the town on here. I was on Craig's list today and I happen to stumble upon an aerogarden 7. After a small amount of research, I ended up purchasing it. It only cost me $45 and its only been used once to grow some...
  20. G

    Gozgrow's First Time Grow! First Time Aeroponic & 10 Plants

    There is my setup what you cannot see are the outtake fans, circulating fans and the cool mist humidifier. I'll add a picture of that and my plants in next post which will be tonight when I'm checking ph and ppm. So I got my plants as clones, from a co-op. I brought them home and topped them...
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