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  1. S

    Help Needed please - Hydroponics/Aeroponics -

    Hello from the UK :woohoo: I'm doing my first ever grow and doing it on Hydroponics/Aeroponics. My problem is that the leaves are drooping especially on one plant in particular. The room is kept at a constant 22-23 degree's and 40-45% humidity. Most plants are booming where as one has...
  2. L

    Help! My PPM drops without adding fresh water

    I'm running a aero systems that I built with a 50 gal rez. Second week into flower my PPM starts out at 750 with AN 3 part and in two days the PPM drops to 600 ppm and 40 gal. Should I just add RO water or should I add nute water? I also use cal mag. Thanks
  3. P

    Hyrdo setup for upcomming cabinet- Suggestions?

    I started putting together the aeroponic/hydro setup for my cabinet. The main chamber will hold 10 to 15 gallons comfortably. I used 5in net pots as I can only have 4 mature plants so SOG is out of the question :( I did a varation of many systems but mainly from the stinkbud setup I guess...
  4. T

    Self Growth Journal #1

    Hi Guys and Girls, I hope you are well and growing good. OK here goes with my first journal of my first attempt at hydro/aeroponics. Set up: Hydro to start with then Aeroponic once roots are established with Fogger and sprays. Room Dimensions W61cms x D61cms H 122cms Mylar Diamond...
  5. T

    Hello from an old/newbie set up with LEDs

    Hi and a happy new year to all. I'm a first time "Hydroponica" having previously only ever grown in soil outdoors and I'm setting up a very small grow room measuring just W70cms x D70cms x H100cms. I've purchased a Tri Band 125w LED light and am making my own Aeroponic set up with fogger...
  6. Giovanni831

    Home Made Aero - Hindu Hash - CFL Grow

    I have a home made system using a Rubbermaid bin, sub pump, 1/2" PVC, with 360 degree sprayers. Since I live in an area where 6 mature, 12 immature is the limit. The setup that I currently have only has 4 because that was how many babies i had on hand when I went in for surgery. They have...
  7. Giovanni831


    accidentally double posted... sorry guys
  8. CommonGround

    Aeroponics setup questions

    i am in the process of making an aeroponics setup. i have a room with a closet. i am planning on keeping aerocloner and mothers in the closet and having two aeroflo 60s in the main part of the room. i would like to have one 600w hps light on a light rail for each aeroflo 60. would this be...
  9. B

    24/0 veg cycle? Eye Hortilux Blue 400 Watt - Ice Cream/Candy Purple clones

    Hello 420Magazine people, I am currently running a Deep Water Culture/Aeroponics Flow and Drain System. I have 4 clones in one reservoir. Water is about 1 inch from the bottom of planters. Two air stones and a big air pump making things nice n bubbly in there. Its like a 15-20 gallon blue...
  10. S

    Grow Newbie - Aeroponics Questions

    Born out of frustration when dealing with flakey dealers, I've decided to go ahead and start growing my own marijuana. This will end up being pretty much only for me and a good friend, so the operation will be small (I'm thinking 2-4 plants at a time). After a ton of research, I decided to go...
  11. eScott

    Ideal sprayer position for areoponics in a bucket?

    The new system I'm building for the bloom room is based on black 5 gal buckets with lids that have 6" net pots built in. The net pots bottoms extend about 4 3/4" from the top (into the bucket). These buckets will all drain to a central res and be pumped/manifold/sprayed from the same res. My...
  12. eScott

    Damn, the inspiration here! Oh, I'm new by the way!

    Hi, My name is E and I'm an alco.... Wait. wrong place... Wow, this forum is awesome! I've never seen such a helpful and willing to share group! I'm so used to the trade forums of my industry where peoples secrets of success where held close to the vest in fear of "competition" even when the...
  13. MrAero

    1st aero garden/2 Trainwreck/1 Purple Kush/ 1 Sensi Star/Clones

    Lets start from the top.. 250W HPS and about 4 15 w Flourescents I am running a home made aeroponic system, Aside from a few modifications, the system is great. The 2 Trainwreck and Purple Kush are Indicas, while the Sensi Star is Sativa. Here are a few pics of the system area, the misters...
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