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afghan kush

  1. Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush
  2. Afghan kush

    Afghan kush

    Afghan kush
  3. Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush
  4. Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush
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  6. Southern Grower

    First Time Growing

    Please tell me Anything I should know about growing, I’m new and extremely excited to start a new project with an amazing plant that is helping and will continue to help millions around this beautiful Country of Ours! Amen!
  7. J

    Jarr0c1's First Grow - Feminised LSD & Auto Afghan Kush

    Hey guys, I just signed up for this forum for me to ask for help if i needed it! I have just set up my grow tent, and i have just filled up my two pots with 70% coco coir and 30% perlite. I've made sure my medium is moist but not too wet. I have checked my water P.H it is at 7.0. I...
  8. QKrop

    Auto Afghan Kush Ryder

    Starting a journal for my newborn afghani girl...She is 1 day old Mix of promix and biobizz And.. Perlite Vermiculite Dolomite line Bat guano Crab shells Soft rock phosphate Some humic acid
  9. chronicflash

    Autofem Auto Oil (LR x Chem Dawg) & W.O.S. Pure Afghan Kush Landrace (PHASE: R&D)

    So this is my first journal. So far the plan is: Outdoor Roots Organic Ready to use Soil Bags Raise up a good Afghan male to cross with the Auto Oil. The Auto Oil are feminized so I will be needing some seed stock. I think the Afghan Kush is a great cross for the auto strain. So I...
  10. pan4gold49

    Pan's Aero Garden (Super Lemon Haze) + More

    Hi Yall! :welcome: Since the Experimental part of my other garden is about complete and don't want that one to go forever. Now is the time.:smokin2: Plus soon the snow will melt and collecting time begins.:439: Now for the lineup. 2x Super Lemon Haze (2008 CC winner) by the Greenhouse 1...
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