1. SaltyThings

    Journal 1 - CDP & Afghan Kush

    Hello All, I'm a few weeks into my first grow and I've started a nice journal I'd like to share. I'm growing a CDP clone and an Afghan Kush seedling. I had some spare time at work today to create an awesome Excel spreadsheet, I'll post some screenshots.
  2. W

    New Outdoor Purple Afghan Kush Flowering

    Hello friends Is in 4/5 weeks of flowering my purple afghan kush im only using bio grow and batguano plagron mixed with the soil. But I have some whiteflies there are less than last week because I bought some yellow shit that atract them. How They look? Thanks for the help...
  3. D

    When to harvest

    50 day from seed Auto Afghan Skunk Is it ready to harvest or need more time??
  4. C

    IGLM Afghan - Crappy genetics or crappy strain?

    This Afghan I got sprouted really well. All the seeds germinated and I was stoked. This has been grown side by side, with Purple power and O.G. Kush from AMS seed bank. Although the Afghan from ilgm grew well when young, when I harvested it and the O.G. Kush, the Afghan tastes like bottom...
  5. Rich Farmer

    BF Afghan Coco/Growstones Grow Sponsored By MightyGrow 2017

    What strain is it? Afghan fem Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 100% indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 0 days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? MGO Living Organic Coco If soil... what is in your mix? 50/50 coco and growstones If...
  6. K

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket Grow Veg - 250w MH 18/6 Flowering - 400w HPS & 150w led 12/12 Training - Topped once and tied down with defoliation 100% perlite in 3 gallon bucket Lucas formula with General Hydro nutrients mixed in RO water
  7. D

    Is This Afghan Kush Plant Ready For Harvest?

    Plant Trichomes
  8. K

    Afghan Kush Ryder problems

    I have tried 3 times to get a afghan kush Ryder going. All 3 times they never popped the dirt. I'm using fox farms soil. I germinated them in paper towels. Anyone feel the fox farms soil a too hot? Should I get happy frog? I did not use nutes. Thanks anyone
  9. PacificPeach

    PacificPeach's 2nd Grow - Auto Narcotic Kush - Afghan Kush & Tangie

    Seeds: 1 Narcotic Kush Auto, 2 Afghan Kush Auto, 1 Tangie Auto. I'm using Perlite mixed 50/50 with organic compost. I will use the Fox Farms Trio. My grow tent is 2x2x5 ft and I have one 300 W LED light. One of the Narcotic Kush popped yesterday! Last time I used 2.5 gallon...
  10. GreenmanQLD

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina - 450W LED - DWC

    Hey Guys, This will be my third 'Journal in progress' in the grow room now, I am currently germinating my single Afghan Kush x Black Domina feminised seed I received as a freebie from the the guys at Herbie's Seedbank (love those dudes). I will be Vegging under CFL and moving to the flowering...
  11. W

    Incredible Bulk - 5 Bucket DWC - 1st Cannaventure From Seed

    Hey there all you movers & shakers!!! I actually started a grow journal on paper in a notebook, so I wanted to switch to online to get some tips & pointers from everyone! My babies are 3 weeks, 3 days old today. Seeds were bought online from the UK & came really fast! Only took a week or...
  12. S

    Let's Begin A Journal With Autos

    hello guys..i decide to start my journal for now with 5 autos of sweet seeds bank 3x sweet skunk feminised autofowering 2x afghan skunk feminised autos i used to have 3 afghan skunk but i gave one as a gift my plants are 16 days old i had a problem like nute burn and overwatering and that...
  13. GreeenFingers

    GreeenFingers - Mr Nice - NL5 x Afghan - DWC - SCROG

    Hey everybody :ciao: It has been a long time since I journalled my very first grow here of AK47, the link is in my signature for anybody who is interested, and I'm excited to be back. :) I've learned an awful lot since then this will be my 5th grow, I wanted to journal this grow because I...
  14. Vestrimatrik

    Second Grow - Venice Beach Afghan

    Hey all, I'm new to the growing community and the forums. I thought I might share my progress with my venice beach grows as I haven't been able to find much info on the net about them. 80% indica dominant in RDWC with 20gal reservoirs and 3gal root chambers. 1x1000w, 1x400w. Switching to...
  15. Vestrimatrik

    My second grow! First was a failure

    Venice beach afghan in 20gal reservoirs with GH nutes Still learning training techniques Can't wait to see them flower!
  16. A

    How to speed up growth

    Hi all, newbie here. I'm growing my first plant. It's indoors with LED lighting. It's afghan or afghan skunk. Anyway, it's taking a ridiculously long time to grow, it's been months. I have buds grown but the pistule type things wont go cloudy. I'm in Australia, sunrise at 6am, sunset at 8pm...
  17. P

    Prosody's - 400W - Afghan Skunk - DWC -2016

    Hello everyone. I thank you all for your warm welcome. I have some grows under my belt but never done a journal, so I'm excited for this. Anyway let's get on with the show. What strain is it? Afghan Skunk and Bubba's Gift Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long...
  18. B

    LED Multi-Strain Grow - 2016

    This is my first journal but my 3rd grow. My tent is 4x4 gorilla lite line. I started with 1 GB450 and 1 90w red from Dorm Grow, on 12/11 I added another GB 450 and 2 90w red. I have a hurricane 6" vent fan hung from my ceiling and a generic carbon filter inside the tent. Active Intake from a 6"...
  19. PRBloodeyes

    PRBloodeyes' Afghan Indoor Grow Journal - 2015

    This is my fist time growing medical marijuana and writing on a forum. All my knowledge of growing medical marijuana came from reading on the internet, so I expect to learn by trial and error. The reason I decided to write a journal was so people can learn from my errors and to get advice from...