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  1. CanadianBacon92

    Need help determining if my ladies are starting to flower outdoors!

    This is my first grow. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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    Indica afi hash has a strong powerful scent of rosin.
  3. S

    Growing first time in Pakistan auto White Widow & Afghan

    hello every one - i am growing for the first time and i would need some advice. i have 45w light with 3 heads of Leds each head 15w and i am growing it in a basment room withbig window for ventilation and the roon temp is normal. the pictures i shared are the lights and setup im using. its very...
  4. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

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  10. SaltyThings

    Journal 1 - CDP & Afghan Kush

    Hello All, I'm a few weeks into my first grow and I've started a nice journal I'd like to share. I'm growing a CDP clone and an Afghan Kush seedling. I had some spare time at work today to create an awesome Excel spreadsheet, I'll post some screenshots.
  11. W

    New Outdoor Purple Afghan Kush Flowering

    Hello friends Is in 4/5 weeks of flowering my purple afghan kush im only using bio grow and batguano plagron mixed with the soil. But I have some whiteflies there are less than last week because I bought some yellow shit that atract them. How They look? Thanks for the help...
  12. D

    When to harvest

    50 day from seed Auto Afghan Skunk Is it ready to harvest or need more time??
  13. C

    IGLM Afghan - Crappy genetics or crappy strain?

    This Afghan I got sprouted really well. All the seeds germinated and I was stoked. This has been grown side by side, with Purple power and O.G. Kush from AMS seed bank. Although the Afghan from ilgm grew well when young, when I harvested it and the O.G. Kush, the Afghan tastes like bottom...
  14. Rich Farmer

    BF Afghan Coco/Growstones Grow Sponsored By MightyGrow 2017

    What strain is it? Afghan fem Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 100% indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 0 days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? MGO Living Organic Coco If soil... what is in your mix? 50/50 coco and growstones If...
  15. K

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket Grow Veg - 250w MH 18/6 Flowering - 400w HPS & 150w led 12/12 Training - Topped once and tied down with defoliation 100% perlite in 3 gallon bucket Lucas formula with General Hydro nutrients mixed in RO water
  16. D

    Is This Afghan Kush Plant Ready For Harvest?

    Plant Trichomes
  17. K

    Afghan Kush Ryder problems

    I have tried 3 times to get a afghan kush Ryder going. All 3 times they never popped the dirt. I'm using fox farms soil. I germinated them in paper towels. Anyone feel the fox farms soil a too hot? Should I get happy frog? I did not use nutes. Thanks anyone
  18. PacificPeach

    PacificPeach's 2nd Grow: Auto Narcotic Kush, Afghan Kush & Tangie

    Seeds: 1 Narcotic Kush Auto, 2 Afghan Kush Auto, 1 Tangie Auto. I'm using Perlite mixed 50/50 with organic compost. I will use the Fox Farms Trio. My grow tent is 2x2x5 ft and I have one 300 W LED light. One of the Narcotic Kush popped yesterday! Last time I used 2.5 gallon...
  19. Bizcrack

    My 2nd Grow: Purple Kush Pitbull & Afghan Kush, 2 Mars Hydro 198W Reflectors

  20. GreenmanQLD

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina: 450W LED, DWC

    Hey Guys, This will be my third 'Journal in progress' in the grow room now, I am currently germinating my single Afghan Kush x Black Domina feminised seed I received as a freebie from the the guys at Herbie's Seedbank (love those dudes). I will be Vegging under CFL and moving to the flowering...
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