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  1. Afghani males

    Afghani males

    Here are some Afghani males
  2. Shiva skunk laughed, Afghani Right

    Shiva skunk laughed, Afghani Right

    Females will be transplanted to 3 gallons as I sex.
  3. Afghani - male

    Afghani - male

    Looks like a boy. Unsexed seeds
  4. Shiva Skunk (L) Afghani (R)

    Shiva Skunk (L) Afghani (R)

    Before cloning
  5. Afghani


    Right side Afghani. They are growing great they all look like very good plants. Sex is just starting
  6. L-R Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    L-R Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    3.5 veg LST,half Shiva is still not doing great, just burnt looking. But they aren’t. Small signs of sex! L
  7. (L to R ) Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    (L to R ) Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    1 gal that need to be TP to 3.
  8. Afghani LST top half

    Afghani LST top half

    Shiva Skunk bottom half, Afghani top
  9. Afgani (bottom) Shiva Skunk (top half)

    Afgani (bottom) Shiva Skunk (top half)

  10. Afghani


    Wk 1
  11. Shiva Skunk, Afghani, Cheese

    Shiva Skunk, Afghani, Cheese

  12. C

    OutofTime's 2019 Outdoor Grow: Pyramid Seeds, Galaxy, Tutankhamon, Seedsman's Blueberry & West Coast Girl Scout Cookies

    Welcome to OutofTime's 2019 Outdoor Grow Tutankhamon by Pyramid Seeds Galaxy by Pyramid Seeds Blueberry by Seedsman Girl Scout Cookies Watch me grow!
  13. IcyStacks

    750W HSO Amherst Sour Diesel Coco Grow - Day 35 Flowering

    Been lurking forums for years now, soaking up all the positive vibes & information.. And figured it was time to do some posting of my own ;). I'm immensely grateful to all the wonderful folk who've been posting helpful information over the yrs. It's been a wonderful, enlightening, blissful...
  14. Lady Vadalon

    Cultivating In My Arboretum

    I just planted some: Afghani it is an indica, Hindu Kush is a pure indica, 707 Truthband 30% Sativa; 70% Indica, Amherst Sour Diesel 70% sativa; 30% indica and Strawberry Cough80% Sativa / 20% Indica Everything is from seeds I'm not sure how long I am going to Veg They will flower...
  15. H

    More Accidental Cross Breeding

    My auto fem Blueberry plant was got to by a male land race Afghani. Outside grow, i'm sure this was caused by small flying wasp-like bugs, because there aren't any honey bees.... Any guesses as to whether these seeds would favor the Blueberry auto or the Afghani strain? Would the pure strain...
  16. Gardenseed

    Post Your Best Afghani Picture

    Members welcome to post pictures of Afghani. Welcome and enjoy. Here is a few of mine.
  17. D

    Afghani strain?

    I am just wondering if anyone else has grown the strain called Afghani? I have 4 seeds that just sprouted and I'm wondering what to expect with them. Thanks!
  18. Miasma

    Afghani Clones, Organic, Indoor Cabinet Grow, Soil

    Afghani Clones - Day 1 I am incredibly stoked today; I finally found a source for Afghani land-race clones in Los Angeles and have been searching for a way to obtain these plants in the USA for a few months. My first purchase of this strain was for 10 seeds through Attitude in the UK, but they...
  19. R

    New from Alberta

    I'm new to this site, and still partially new with growing. So far I have 2 Haze Extreme babies and 1 Bubba Kush baby.. and awaiting the arrival of some afghani seeds (apareantly original landrace ). My budget is low so my lights aren't the best but I grew a few plants with them a few months ago...
  20. ScaredStupid

    First grow

    Hi all, I just wanted to post some pics of my first efforts. Being a new grower I welcome and would appreciate constructive criticism. This is an example of some Afghani I started early June. I didn't know what to expect but I did not think the Afghani would flower so soon. All...
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