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  1. S

    Afghani #1 - Blue City Diesel - Sugar Plum & Blockhead

    4 plant legal recreational grow in Oregon. Strains are Afghani #1, Blue (City) Diesel, Sugar Plum and Blockhead. Sugar Plum grown from seed and topped 3 times to create a manifold or "mainlined" plant structure. Remaining three are clones. 400w MH, 24/0 light schedule. FF Ocean Forest soil, 5...
  2. TumultuousHPY

    First Grow In Five Years - 5 Strains

    Hey all... getting my grow on again, after not having sufficient space for five years. Went to a local dispensary and picked up some clones. x1 Red Headed Stranger (RHS), x1 Afghani (AF), x1 Goji OG Queen Mother (GOG), x1 Kandy Kush (KK) and x3 Cherry Lime Haze (CLH). I have substantial space...
  3. S

    2 Feminized Seeds - Hindu Kush & Afghani - Sensi Seeds - 600W HPS

    Strains: Hindu Kush(Pure Indica) & Afghani #1 (indica) Both seedlings germinated, in dirt waiting to sprout. Organic Soil Mix 400w Mh vented, with fan. 4x4 grow tent Temp: 75-77 degrees Humidity: 30-40% 24h lights on for now No pest! Will start feeding nutes after a few weeks, age...
  4. ScienceGrow

    ScienceGrow's - Organic - MH/LED - Snowstorm - Afghani - Holy Grail - Grow

    This will be my fourth grow. It will be a mixed grow, with three photoperiod plants and two autoflowering plants. This is my first time going mostly organic with an emphasis on living soil. It's also my first grow under an HID lamp. Here's my Vegetative cabinet and the seedlings...
  5. C

    Lumens per 3 square feet stealth grow?

    Hi -I am going to be starting a journal soon and wanted a little help with the CFLs. I bought a 4 pack of 23w 5000k Daylights, 1550 lumens that are equivalent to a 100w. I am doing a stealth grow out of a box so I only have 3 square feet for now. I am planning to grow Holy grail 69 feminised...
  6. Mr G

    Afghani Moved Outdoors

    This one got way too tall indoor {appx.4'} @ just under 3 weeks in 12/12. It was just starting to flower. I moved it outside 6 days ago. First 3 nights got down to 38 degrees. Checked it this morning, surprisingly it looks great. Local temps are now much higher so that should no longer be an...
  7. Mr G

    Next up!

    2 Afghani's on the left {front & back}, 6 White Dwarfs in the middle, a Royal Queen Critical {front right}and a Critical Sensai Star {back right}, all in 3 gal. pots. In the green cups is 1 Girl Scout Cookies and 1 White Dwarf seedling. Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Fox Farm {Grow Big, Big...
  8. T

    Thacrunkking's 1st RDWC Grow

    As the title says this is my first ever hydroponic grow :circle-of-love: What strain is it? 2x Afghani 2x Grape Stomper Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? All four are Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg at the moment, started them from clones. If in Veg... For how...
  9. BigBoned

    Afghan ladies from last summer

    Hi, I just joined the forum! this is my very first post... I'm a beginner grower and I wanted to share the beautiful summer I had with my first grow...I'm gonna share my next one too! Swiss Cheese, Northern Lights & Master Kush next summer! I'm really looking forward to learn from others growers...
  10. A

    1st Bloombox Grow - Big Bud - Cheese

    I am very new to all of this and I am ready to embark on this exciting journey with BC Northern-lights Bloombox... I hope you all will follow me on this journey and help me out throughout the process. I have done most of my research and BC Northern-lights comes with step by step instructions...
  11. Blastyblast

    White Russian (FEM), Afghani, Bag Seed, Hydro CFL Grow

    hey, first time hydro grower here. growing for personal use and rather excited about it. I recently purchased White Russian Fem seeds and got 5 free Afhani seeds. I also started bagseed about a week prior to germing the WR and AFG. I thought I would practice for a week with bagseed. if i fuck it...
  12. T

    Jack Herer and Afghani - Drying

    Soil grow with 600w hps and fox farm nutes. Jack Herer Afghani:
  13. N

    NobleWeed's Perpetual Grow, Soiless

    Well i guess its time for me to make a new grow journal since my last one has been over with for a while now. Well lets start with the basics. Q:What strain is it? A:I am growing my original hybrid from last grow, calling it F1. Also i am growing Seedman seeds Norther lights, Afghan #1...
  14. StonyGeoff

    Stony's Super-Organic SCROG

    Ok here they are :-) They arrived today :ganjamon: I've been told they are a hybrid, Afghani and Hindu Kush, Indica. The medium is roughly 50% perlite, 50% worm castings and compost plus a few clay balls, it drains really well. The clones came rooted in small rockwool cubes, and...
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