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  1. G

    GrapeApe66's 2nd Grow - DWC - Cheese - WW - Afgooey - 2014

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon Medium - Rockwool and Hydrotron Lights - 4x4 T5 in Veg & 1- 600 w HPS in Flower Nutrients - GH Flora Micro, Flora Grow & Flora Bloom. Once in Flower add in GH Flora Nectar Fruit-n-Fusion Sweetener Strain(s) - 1 cheese, 1 white widow and 2 afgooey # of Plants: 4 Yield...
  2. RMWidow

    RMWidow's First Time LST Project

    This is my first attempt at what I understand LST to be Grape Ape 90% Indica - Back Left OG Kush 75% Indica - Back Middle Afgoo 70% Indica - Back Right Golden Goat Sativa Dominant - Front Left Chem Sun Indica Dominant - Front Middle Recon 80% Indica - Front Right Medium - Soil -...
  3. H

    Noob Indoor Afgooey Under Sun Blaze T5 HO

    So, I will start off by answering a few common questions people ask me. I will list them and then answer them. How long have you been growing? What experience do you have? What do you use mmj for? What type of soil are you using? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? If in Veg... For how long? What size...
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