1. Ron Strider

    This Country Is Tapping Into Lucrative Marijuana Industry That Could Make Africa Rich

    Lesotho has become the first African country to grant a license for medicinal marijuana. The country's health ministry licensed Verve Dynamics, a South African company that describes itself as "a vegan friendly manufacturer of highly purified botanical extracts and specialty ingredients."...
  2. Ron Strider

    Race And Weed In Maryland

    Of 15 medical marijuana licenses the state awarded last year, none went to African Americans. Larry Hogan, Maryland's GOP governor, has ordered a study to find out why. The movement for racial equity in the medical cannabis trade appears to be going bipartisan–last week, Maryland's Republican...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    Chances For African Americans To Benefit In Budding Cannabis Industry Go Up In Smoke

    African American Californians are looking forward to having a stake in the state's medicinal and the adult recreational-use cannabis industry as dispensary owners are being locked out of the big cannabis business machine once it revs up in 2018. As a devoted member of the Minority Cannabis...
  4. G

    African and tropical Varieties USA Source?

    I looked at southern oregon seeds, but they don't have exactly what i was looking for. i like they accept money orders and USA based, but their african and such not for me. Malawi (fem or reg) or if any special Congo or others equivalent to malawi gold/golden tiger/zamnesia etc? durban not so...
  5. crazy horse

    Short Malawi Gold Journal-Crazy Horse

    this is just a quick journal for people to check out some malawi gold(african buzz) my smoke report should be interesting!, im only a few weeks away from chopping her, pics soon! :ganjamon: oh ye... her name is wee malawi G lol
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