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  1. Ron Strider

    Oregon Legislation Prohibits Cannabis Stores From Collecting, Retaining Customer Data

    Fear that the federal government may crack down on legalized marijuana has forced cannabis stores to rid themselves of any data that could be used to identify customers. Under Senate Bill 863, the state now prohibits pot stores from recording, retaining or transferring any customer...
  2. Jackalope

    Strain Reviews Of Last Grow

    Everything is finished and cured enough to really put it to the test. There is so much more to know other than how high does it get you. Spoiled in my old age and really require a lot from a strain. I rarely smoke the same strain back to back. Considering this a strain has to be able to shine...
  3. Jackalope

    Tangie Transformation

    Here is a few photos of the Jack the Ripper female I turned male. Never let it be said that I didn't give a female a chance to do a male's job. I used Tiresias Mist and started spraying her a week before turning lights back. The transformation is complete. She still has a hair or two but is...
  4. Ron Strider

    Catalonia Legalizes Marijuana Consumption, Cultivation And Distribution

    The government of Catalonia has legalized marijuana, making the autonomous Spanish region the latest part of the world to loosen restrictions on use of the drug. The cultivation, consumption and distribution of cannabis will be permitted for members of designated clubs after the region's...
  5. Ron Strider

    Police Are Searching Far Fewer Cars In States That Have Legalized Marijuana

    The legalization of marijuana in Washington state and Colorado had at least one unanticipated effect on the streets: a sharp decline in the number of traffic stops resulting in searches by state police, a new analysis shows. The drop means fewer interactions between police and drivers...
  6. G

    Landrace Wild Thai growth rate

    Seed popped after after 7 days + 3 into rockwool. Been 30 days and seedling stopped growing after 14 days. Just tiny: one small leaf set. Otherwise, very healthy appearance. Typical for a landrace sativa? (World of Seeds)
  7. Ron Strider

    Reporter Claims Cleveland Cavs Locker Room Smelled Like Weed After Game 2

    According to Undefeated's senior writer Mike Wise, the Cleveland Cavs locker room reeked of weed shortly after the team suffered a 132-113 loss in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Wise commented on the "strong reefer aroma" in a handful of tweets, saying that he didn't know if it was a member of the...
  8. B

    Help! Planted Clones Too Early

    Hey guys, After a fairly successful cloning experience this Spring I think I rushed getting them out into the outdoor beds to early. They are living but growing very slowly. After much searching online, I think with the first batch I didnt leave enough time from transplanting into a solo...
  9. Jackalope

    She is the first

    I would like to report the passing of this fine female. On 5/31/17 after 8 weeks of furious flowering Putin Crack #1 is finished. Buds are rock hard so I'm hoping it will produce ok. Not the biggest plant I have grown but it is covered in big sugary trichomes. While growing she didn't smell all...
  10. K

    Still stoned after all these years

    I set my plants outside eight days ago. 10 clones two weeks after rooting in Dixie cups, 10 clones 30 days old about a foot tall in 6"pots and ten clones 45 days old in 3 gal pots. they are all budding. Can I reverse this and get them both in veg?
  11. S

    Feminised Sour Kosher & Auto Big Bomb

    Medium: coco plus + perlite. Nutrients: coco A and B. Epson salts. (Ordering fox farm nutrients) Other: ph up and down. Ph test kit. Temp 27c-30c Humidity 40% rh Light 18/6 Hi 420 community, after getting over my first kush grow I have decided to purchase a sour kosher and a auto...
  12. rdooski3

    Re-vegging after harvest new growth in 12 days

    Just a few photos of the new growth on my plants that I harvested and re-vegged 12 days ago. And i didnt do anything as far as transplanting because this was kinda just a experiment. But all 6 are showing new growth in the 12 days. Also all 6 are different strains.
  13. R

    Growth cycle

    Hello all! When can a new sprout be considered in the vegetative phase? After the 3rd node or ? Thanks!:Namaste:
  14. nobodyhere

    Did I FIM correctly?

    before after plant 1 after plant 2 also noticed a couple gnats...is mosquito bits safe?
  15. Drogon

    1st Grow, Indoors, 600W HID, Gold Leaf, Coco Blend

    Hello All, I'm here to add to the 1st time growers list! After much lurking on this site and others, I have decided to pull the trigger on my indoor grow. I have all the equipment I need but I have not set up the grow environment yet, as I am waiting for my roommate to move out at the end of...
  16. K

    Burnt tips, mushrooms & flies

    Hey all, my plant is growing pretty well, no major problems so far, but today as I open the grow tent I see a tiny mushroom sticking out of the soil right next to the main stem of the plant. Also, 2-3 black flies (looked more like small mosquitoes) were flying around the tent. Should I be...
  17. J

    Week 3 newbie CFL grow - 12 hrs after transplants - Help

    Okay guys i redid my space,got rid of the aluminum foil and got some reflective material on my wall. But obviously the biggest thing is i transplanted my gals into new pots. They look like theyre doing ok but i did put cloth on top of the soil to prevent fungus gnats from coming bck, i think i...
  18. vespertine

    Perpetual 420

    Greetings! So happy to have a forum I can learn so much from. I was the luckiest girl to have been gifted a swanky (to me) light & 3 adorable clones... however, I was completely unprepared as this was a surprise gift, and transplanted hydro babies into organic soil with wood chips/pulp and two...
  19. J

    What's wrong with the leaf & what should be done to correct it?

    Grow medium: Coco with perlite, LED 600 WAT. strain: Mandala satori nutrients: canna coco Gave rhizotonik 2 ml 3 days after the plants had emerged out of their covering hat, ph being 5.4 and 6.5 ph - measured after the feeding. Some of the plants look just fine, while others who had received...
  20. dc534

    Help! One of my Ladies is burning up!

    I believe it to be nute burn or lockout. What happened was I overfed her double the amount she was supposed to get. When I was reading the chart I read the nute amount for a recirculating system and fed that to her. I am running a non-recirculating DWC system. I think what happened was that...
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