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    Slurricane - Keeper should have taken cuts.
  2. Pantagruel

    Completed Pantagruel's Return - Pure Kush - LSD - Red Dragon - Blue Widow

    Back after a few years off. My wife's mom moved in with us and I lost my room. Just moved into a new house, got a decent grow space again. I've had some seeds in the crisper drawer for over two years now. Took a nice selection, Pure Kush, LSD, Red Dragon, Blue Widow. All 4 popped! Last of the...
  3. OldSchool 64

    OldSchool's New Mega Auto Grow!

    After a absence im back at it is my new room..all 70 buckets will be growin.. has 9 lights and bright as hell.lots of power.. as for strains ..theres white crack....diesel...lemon...sour hound...bloody skunk....mexican airlines....cheeze..... og...
  4. S

    Hello again

    Hi everyone I'm Big Red , I'm returning after a few years and am back on the scene again ! New country new strains new challenges ! Look forward to being here !
  5. M

    Can you guys help me again please

    hey all, since i got a great amount of help on my first grow i thought i would come back again :D right so... my setup has changed since the last time. im still using a 4x4 tent but gone for a lower power fans as the ones i had could blow a car over lol light: LED BESTVA 1200w full spectrum...
  6. Mayne

    FoxFarm Nutes Problems

    Hi, Running FoxFarm nutes, in week 2 flower, nutes are at 320ppm after mixing and ph'n. Says they should be in the 1120 range. How do I raise PPMs? Using Big3 and Open sesame right now, with recharge, but cant get PPMs over even 400. Growth is slower then expected, temps at 66Res, ph...
  7. L

    Wife has Alzheimers should I move to Colorado?

    My wife was given the diagnosis of moderate Alzheimers, of course I want to do everything to help her battle this. I live in Texas, and yes they again turned medical marijuana to a no vote in their legislative session (heads buried in the sand). My question is should I pack up and move to...
  8. A

    Completed Mystery Bagseed: Low Wattage CFL

    Hello , this will be my first post here. I am doing a grow , more for the fun of it , I'm not really expecting anything big yield wise really just doing this for the experience.Maybe someone will find this interesting. So I have 1 seedling that is currently 9 days old.Its from mystery bagseed I...
  9. Sneakygreen

    Sneaky's Brian Berry Cough & Gang

    Hi 420 fam sneaky here starting a new journal after a successful outdoor season. I have just ordered a 5 pack of TGA subcool Brian berry cough seeds. they are regular photos. I also received a bunch of freebies which I'm pretty stoked with 1x dinafem kush n cheese fem 1x blimburn seeds Girl...
  10. E

    Sprouted - Now what? Newbie

    Hey all! I germinated and planted. Now they are tall and going to bend over soon! I need to transplant again? I'd like to post a pic, but this doesn't seem very user friendly....
  11. growguyphd

    New high mag pics

    playing with new camera again. notice how swollen the heads are!! love me some Turpinator
  12. S

    Feds cause unemployment

    I have been a medical card holder since 2001, yet I recently lost my job due to a random drug test because the Feds consider it illegal! Where is the justice in this? It has been proven time & time again that people that use marijuana are more reliable employees than those that don't!
  13. K

    New here and got the itch

    Hello All, Its been a very long time since I grew my own weed. Back in the early 80's we grow a half a dozen plants (hopefully 3 or 4 females) in our garden each summer. My girl friend would always get paranoid and stake them down to keep them down when they started to go over our 6 foot...
  14. Komplex180

    Does this look over-watered or wilting?

    A little background on the ladies. They are in their 13th day of flower, 5 gallon smart pots, FFOF amended with some goodies and perlite, and under one Mars Pro II 400w and a Mars 300w. On day one of flower I watered the ladies. By the time I came home on day 7 I found them looking...
  15. T

    Major pH Spikes! Please Help

    1st time grow; have a large container with 95 liters of water, two 5 gallon buckets with a plant each in them and I have a "CocoPod" grow system with 8 small pots. Both systems have "fish bubblers" and fountain sprayers on timers. the plants appear to be very healthy. Here is the problem. I...
  16. X

    Abandoned Xar420 First Grow - Gorilla Glue #4 - Soil Semi Organic - Nothing But Problems

    This is my first grow and I'm starting it 7 weeks into veg. Strain gorilla glue #4 day 60 1 gallon pots Grown under four 4 ft t5 bulbs cool 6500k 20k lumens water PH to 6.5 10 7.0 run off water has always been 6.7 Room temp 79 with a rh from 40-70 grown in super soil. I cooked the soil...
  17. L

    Firing up the box again

    Hey all so I moved out of our apt and bought a house, I'm thinking of setting my box up from previous grow and trying things a little different to improve yield, I was thinking about switching to Coco and getting some real nutes. If anyone could recommend some budget friendly brands or wanted...
  18. RadMedGrower

    Hello to everybody at 420mag

    hello everyone just dropping in to introduce myself and say hello fellow :420: members :volcano-smiley:, i am a federal medical card carrier from ont,canada getting back into growing my own medicine again after a long 5 years, just tired of paying for medicine from lp's that is garbage and over...
  19. R

    Noob - First grow problems

    SOIL GROW Strain: White Widow (fem) # of Plants — 10 Grow Type — Soil ---started in Miracle Grow seed starter. Transplanted at day 16 into Fox Farm Ocean Forest Grow Stage — Day 18 Veg Bucket size 2 Gallon (9" x 9" x 9.5") Lights — 28 ea. 23w 6500K CFL spaced 4" apart, no bulb closer...
  20. Dhlx

    New Member - Growing Again

    Hi All Been reading quite a few threads on this forum in regards to autos.... i have just started growing again after a 12 year hiatus, used to grow hazes mostly back then Now have a little grow on the go with 2 auto varieties from Royal Queen Seeds to see what happen, they are in a...
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