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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: B.C. Government Unveils How Cannabis Will Be Sold Once Legalized

    The B.C Government has unveiled details on how recreational marijuana will be distributed and sold once legalized. In a news release issued Tuesday morning, the province said it will allow both private and public sale of cannabis. The decision follows input from 48,951 British Columbians, and...
  2. Ron Strider

    Canada: Cannabis Roadside Testing

    In the wake of nationwide plans to legalize marijuana by July of 2018, Canadian provinces are now in the planning stages for prevention campaigns, minimum age requirements, and the implementation of roadside testing. “Our priority right now is to ensure that we can legalize cannabis by July...
  3. Ron Strider

    Canada: Legal Age To Buy Pot Will Be 18, And It Won't Be Sold At Déps

    Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has made the call: the minimum age for the consumption of legal marijuana in Quebec will be 18. After several intense Liberal caucus meetings where everyone was allowed to express their views on the tricky issue, Couillard Thursday made a final decision...
  4. Ron Strider

    Oregon Bans Tobacco Sales To Under 21s, Matching Rules On Marijuana

    Oregon is raising the minimum age for buying tobacco and e-cigarettes in the state to 21, bringing its regulations into line with sales of marijuana products. The new law, signed by Governor Kate Brown on Wednesday and taking effect on Jan. 1, bans under-21s from buying tobacco products and...
  5. Ron Strider

    How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Weed Card

    Currently, 29 states and the District of Columbia allow adults who are 18 years old to posses cannabis for medical purposes, but the rules regarding how to get a “weed card” for minors vary slightly from state to state. Here we list state-specific guidelines on how old you have to be to get a...
  6. cbgb

    Leaf diagnosis please

    hey 420 peeps .... strain : schrom reg seed medium : soil ( using the same stuff for over 20 grows) light : cfl plant age including germ 43 days in veg these fan leaves just happened to be the fans from the 4 th node and are also the oldest on the plant at this point... i...
  7. Ron Strider

    Canada Is Thinking About Making Weed Legal For Everyone 18 And Older

    Canada has begun trials to test the implementation of a legal age minimum for marijuana, a move that could ultimately make the North American nation just the world's second country to legalize the drug nationwide. The drug is currently illegal in Canada, but new legislation, called the...
  8. Ron Strider

    Reasons Behind Legal Age To Buy Tobacco, Alcohol And Marijuana

    Depending where you are, you'll get a different answer to the age-old question of how old you should be to buying and drink alcohol and buy and smoke tobacco or marijuana. The legal age to buy alcohol and tobacco varies from country to country, and now the age of smoking recreational marijuana...
  9. Ron Strider

    Canada Tests Lower Age For Pot Legalization

    The most controversial thing about Canada's move to legalize marijuana nationwide may be setting the minimum age for use at 18 — three years lower than in U.S. states that have embraced legalization — a move that is being closely watched across the continent. Advocates for the measure, expected...
  10. Ron Strider

    What Nova Scotia's Political Leaders Are Saying About Regulating Marijuana

    With a little more than a year to go before the federal deadline to legalize marijuana, the incoming provincial government will have to work quickly to implement new provincial pot laws. None of the three party leaders has a definite plan on how they want to regulate the drug, but say they...
  11. saladman

    Cull the week?

    Should I cull the midget auto WW from RQS to give more space to the remaining babies. These are the same age. From left to right: NL, WW and Jack auto. Need some opinions.
  12. T

    True Plant Age?

    I see many people refer to the age of plant as Day # Germination, Day # Seedling, Week # Veg, Week # Flower are these indication of manual manipulation or are they the true age of the plant? The reason why I ask is, I am trying to keep track of the age of my plants, but they seem to be a week...
  13. K

    Guam: Cruz Introduces Bill To Raise Smoking Age

    Following a prior statement he made about revisiting legislation that proposes a higher age restriction on tobacco use, Speaker Benjamin Cruz has introduced Bill 9-34, a measure that increases the smoking age to 21. According to a release from Cruz's office, Gov. Eddie Calvo's recent...
  14. K

    MA: Police Offer Guidance On Marijuana Legalization

    With the legalization of recreational and commercial marijuana going into effect today, some regulations have changed and others remains the same under the new state law. Law enforcement agencies statewide received guidance on Wednesday from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety...
  15. K

    Nevada Legal Pot Launch Not Expected To Hurt State Budget

    While the recreational use of marijuana will officially be legalized in MA on Thursday, the drug is still illegal under federal law. It is still illegal to sell marijuana in the state, except to registered medical marijuana patients. Three-quarters of the money goes to schools and one quarter...
  16. K

    Canadian Panel Reportedly Recommends Low Marijuana Taxes

    Ottawa: The task force charged with advising the Canadian government about how to legalize marijuana delivered its report this week. Although the report won't be released to the public until December 21 or thereabouts, National Post columnist John Ivison has the scoop on its major...
  17. F

    Mutated leaf?

    Can someone please tell me what this is? These plants are the same age.
  18. K

    Smart Approaches To Marijuana Wants Minimum Age Of 25 For Access To Cannabis

    Vancouver — You have to be 19 to by alcohol here, but only 18 in next door Alberta; the minimum age for cannabis could also be different across the country once laws come into place. One group wants to make sure weed isn't offered to anyone below the age of 25. That would be the minimum...
  19. K

    The Stoned Age - Cannabis Was First Used Around 11,000 Years Ago In Europe And Asia

    We've all heard of the Stone Age — but how about the Stoned Age? Scientists say cannabis was first used around 11,000 years ago, with prehistoric humans in Europe and Asia both starting to experiment with the drug. However, it took another 6,000 years for the first dope dealers to emerge...
  20. C

    Long-Term Pot Smoking Doesn't Seem To Harm Health: Study

    Using pot, even over decades, was only linked to one negative health effect in a new study Even after years of heavy use, marijuana doesn't seem to have much of an impact on the physical health of the body. So finds a recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry, which analyzed data from a group...
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