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  1. Ron Strider

    Missing Word Prompts Complaint Against Nevada Marijuana Panel

    A Douglas County attorney claims the Nevada Tax Commission violated open meeting law because marijuana and other words were absent from a recent meeting agenda. Jim Hartman, from Genoa, filed the complaint Wednesday with the Nevada attorney general's office. The complaint references the May 8...
  2. K

    CA: Marijuana Dominates Council Agenda

    Hanford — With the possibility of Proposition 64 passing in November, the Hanford City Council agenda for its Tuesday meeting features several items that grapple with how to deal with recreational pot if California voters approve the proposition. The council will vote on a proposed ordinance...
  3. R

    Wyoming Group Behind Medical Marijuana Initiative Removed From Legislative Agenda

    Members of a group trying to legalize medical marijuana and industrial hemp have been removed from the agenda of a state legislative committee that had been set to discuss their proposed initiative. However, law enforcement and prosecutor groups are still listed on the agenda to testify on...