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    Cool forum...Grew in late 70's...started again a year ago.....using LED's.. in soil....prefer it
  2. 1

    Too much light?

    Hello guys I'm very new to growing indoors. I have a question about lighting. I have a 3×3 Grow tent with king LED 3000 W and yes it's 3000w. I had 600w hPS in it until a week ago. My plants are about 2 feet tall and four weeks into flowearing. Will this be a problem ???
  3. I

    DWC leaves tips are yellow & orange

    hi all, I've started a DWC (White Widow) 4 weeks ago. I have 4 air stones with a 400W LED light (24 inches above). Im using Flora Series for nutrients, I use 50% of the dosage, always in the same order. 1 week ago I noticed that the new leaves had yellow/orange tips. What it could...
  4. S

    Yellowing leaves on bottom fresh grow

    Put seeds in soil 3 weeks ago. Bottom leafs are turning yellow
  5. D

    First grow looking nasty - Help!

    First ever grow is underway and I'm excited I recently transplanted these about a week ago from today. Everything was looking cherry, had a nice happy green to it. Could see new growth coming but suddenly they started dying and fairly quickly (one day to the next) . I've looked on multiple...
  6. L

    Autoflower - Ready or not?

    Hey guys! That's my first plant ever, its autoflower "quick one" it started flowering stage like 2 months ago and for maybe two weeks it didn't change, I'm not sure if it's ready or not as the buds are really tiny but most of the white hair turned brown some time ago. Should I wait or is it okay...
  7. wanabegrower

    White Russian seedlings

    popped these White Russians 3 weeks ago and look like crap. i grow in organic composted soil. room temps stay around 74 degrees humidity around 40%. the are under 4 rot 4 bulb T5 hood. they are in 8 inch x 8inch pots I use tap water but run air stones to 24hrs. they just got some...
  8. StonyMagoo

    StonyMagoo's Great Adventure

    What's up my people! Looking forward to the struggle, the learning, and the growing. That pun was intentional! ;) My first grow in quite some time. Previous grows were of the single plant, guerrilla/free range variety, looong ago. I'll try to keep things on point and somewhat concise...
  9. J

    Can my babies switch sex after showing sex?

    Ok so 2 weeks ago at the beginning of flowering i had 8 bbys then lil by lil they started showing sex, at first i thought just 2 were male but 2 nights ago i noticed one was a male even though i swear i seen pistils on it, so last night the same thing happend again, i was pruning and noticed one...
  10. dynamo1

    G'Day from Mt Rainier

    Hi everyone, Old arthritic grower, new to :420:, looking to absorb all the info I'm able. Started a couple of months ago reading COorganics how to on organic grow, I'm wanting more flavor in my buds. After that I was mesmerized by SweetSue's Threads and DDA Auto grow. I plopped 2 seeds in soil 2...
  11. juanbahama

    Juanbahama's Hydro Candyland & Skywalker Kush First Time Grow - 2017

    Hello! Welcome to my first grow journal! Strain - I went with Granddaddy Purple Seeds regular Candyland & Reserva Privada Skywalker Kush since both have similar flowering times of 8-9 weeks. Germinated four Candyland seeds on 4/13 five days ago in rapid rooters. One of them is pretty runty...
  12. M

    New old guy - Grew 25 years ago - Getting up to speed

    Hello all. The landscape of mj has changed drastically since my days as a (younger) Humboldt hippy 25+ years ago. Moved on from that time and, as life often does, things have come full circle. So consider this my formal introduction. Thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful...
  13. Fumbles420

    Gday Fumbles420 from DownUnder

    Gday Fumbles420 from DownUnder. Please to meet your acquaintances :Namaste: I'm a medical guy who's halfway through his first grow in 25 years. Yep, I gave up the bong-haze gorilla-growing lifestyle quarter a century ago. Until my world came crashing down around me ten years ago with an...
  14. N

    Help with my little girl

    Took over a few girls from a friend..three are healthy and this one has issues...they were started in a areogarden and then transplanted two days ago in soil...they came to me in this condition Thanks in advance
  15. Eeko

    A Legal Grow in MA 10 Strains & A Bulldog

    Greetings, I've been mostly a lurker from when I joined years ago and growing was illegal up until now...5 years to get 50+ posts. 5-6 years ago I had a really nice harvest (almost a pound of blueberry skunk) thanks to reading here.....but it was a illegal grow and every time a helicopter...
  16. PacificPeach

    Need help diagnosing leaf problem

    Hello, I need a little help with a problem that has come up. I'm on my 2nd grow with 4 autoflowers in soil. It's about 75% pro mix and 25% compost. I have a 300w LED about 24 inches from the tops. The seedlings are between 2-3 weeks old. I did have to transplant them 7 days ago which may...
  17. C

    CBDream Fem at 10 weeks

    CBDream Fem at 10 weeks under LED lighting. I just went from 18/6 to 12/12 2 days ago.
  18. J

    Plants' leaves yellowing and drooping but not underwatering

    Hi I watered my plants 3 days ago. First signs of leaves were drooping 2 days ago. And now most are drooping. The yellowing of the leaves have been there for about 8-10 days. I started putting pk1314 7 days ago and now I'm about to stop. The plants still have alot of water in them but are...
  19. L

    Ph too high? Please help

    Ok guys and gals this is my second grow and i think im having some ph problems. I am growing white widow and purple kush in a 50/50 mix of verma fire and verma soil. So the 2 days ago i noticed the leaves looked leathery and started twisting. Yesterday i went and got a ph tester and...
  20. 1ofaKind

    Is this magnesium deficiency?

    It looks more intense than what I see in other photos. Sometimes the leaves cupped up, but it has progressed. Now they are mostly folding down. I started using camg+ in tea a few weeks ago, MagiCal a week and a half ago, and added 1 tsp per gallon Epsom salt 2 days ago... So I was hoping...
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