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air circulation

  1. KVD4450

    DIY air cooler

    Thought I’d post this make shift diy air cooler I made on a budget I found a video of a similar cooler on YouTube and thought I’d share my version . It may help another first time Grower like myself who is battling temps. I’m growing in a loft so I can have temp swings weather induced. It has...
  2. T

    Air cooling

    So guys n girls I'm having a tad of an issue for a couple hours of each day but I think it's going to progress as the summer perks up!! Basically I recently swapped my times over from lights on at 6am till 12am to lights on at 6pm thru to 12 in the afternoon (18hrs on 6 hrs off) to cut out the...
  3. P

    Simple Ventilated Door Modification For Closet Grow

    Howdy y'all, Are you having temperature problems in your walking closet? I sure was! Proper ventilation is absolutely crucial to the health and vitality of the plant that you are trying so hard to cultivate. Unfortunately, I have been reading that a non-insignificant number of growers are okay...
  4. G

    First grow - Air circulation - Fan tips?

    Hey everyone! We recently posted about our first grow in the Grow Journals. We're newbies from Canada growing for fun and on a budget. As of right now in our grow cabinet, we don't have any fans on or air exchange happening, but we know we need to add some! We're thinking either a computer...
  5. P

    Air Flow on GrowRoom

    Hey guys, i might need your help on this one. I am using a grow tent inside a bathroom, which has no windows nor has any sort of external ventilation. I need to find a way to create an air-intake for my tent, but always considering i must keep my room closed at all time. Extraction isint a...
  6. R

    1st project - Need a little help with a question

    I have my first grow box in a plastic bin, the ones that everyone buys right after Christmas when they're on sale ;) I have the lights set up and in the process of installing the fan and exhaust. Since I am putting this box in the attic, and I am in the beginning of a long summer in Florida, I...
  7. S

    Help for ducts/fans for a two room set up

    Would this set up work well ? The room sizes are Veg 4.5' X 5' with a 2'X4' tent inside.(plan on using T5 set up with CFLs added) Flower 5'8" X 5' (plan on using LED of approx 300 - 500 watts) Veg room is a 4" duct that goes to a 6" Y .The flower room is a 6"...
  8. S

    Ventilation, Newbie needs help

    I have my first grow room. It is a spare bedroom, which is 9' x 15'. Currently I have 8 plants, with 2- 48" fluorescents (well 2 bulbs per light fixture). I plan to eventually add 2 more lights, same type and double the number of plants. I have a cold air return in the room, along with one vent...
  9. KiwiKing

    Mold and air circulation

    Its common knowledge that poor air circulation and high humidity promote mold growth in flowering plants, but the root cause of mold is air-born mold spores. Could not the problem of mold growth be solved with the use of ionizing air filters and/or the use of HEPA air filters, removing the need...
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