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air conditioner

  1. CanuckGal

    DIY Swamp Bucket Cooler

    My closet grow was having some heat problems with the 400w HPS as light. So to cool the small space down, I built a swamp bucket! Here's how I made it: Materials Large drink cooler$20 Household fan $10 Fountain/aquarium pump (mine was 135gph) $30 Copper piping $10 Plastic tubing $3 Plumbers...
  2. C

    Air conditioner

    I need to cool my grow closet this summer and don't have a lot of money. I do have access to some free window air conditioners. The problem is I have no window. My closet is next to the gas water heater closet and it has ventilation. now with summer its just too hot. I have an air cooled hood...
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