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  1. Black carbon filter on tent intake.jpg

    Black carbon filter on tent intake.jpg

    Bud Factory active & passive intakes covered with black carbon filters.
  2. B

    Ventilation for a large room?

    Hi all! First time grower getting ready for a first go at it. I have an entire upstairs room about 12' X 12' and was wondering how to make a DIY air filter/ventilation. The only place air can exit the room is through a window. I've seen a lot about vent/filtering of grow boxes but I think it...
  3. Plato420

    Can 33 Combo vs other

    I have been looking at the Can 33 combo ($343) Filter and 400cfm fan and was wondering if anyone can recommend a less expensive alternative that you KNOW works well and reliable. Thanks in advance!RoorRip
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