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  1. Otterbear

    Gashes at the bottom of stalks a month in?

    Hey everyone! Two things :oops: I noticed the first smaller sprout leaves on all 3 are dying. Then on a couple of them, there’s some small marks on the stalks that look like gashes maybe? The 1st one in the collage has it worse or more pronounced than the 2nd. I was a little late on feeding a...
  2. Otterbear

    Really went on a semi-whim with this one but ready for the ride

    Hey everyone! I’m a new grower in Phx, AZ where it’s legal for medicinal and recreational use. I chose to take up this hobby to maybe replace a not so great one I’ve had. That, and since I’ve been smoking daily for the last 9 or so years - I wanna take control of my own grow and become more...
  3. S

    Abandoned Crocodocs First Photoperiodic - Ice Kush & Cream Caramel - 250W DS-HPS - Daily Update

    Hello everyone, i hope you have a good smoke while reading this. Personally, I´m happy with a good old strong Skunk #1 at the moment, which really honors it´s Name ;) So, what´s going on here? Simple question, simple Answer: New Grow, New Journal! This time, i want to create something reduced...
  4. lukio

    Abandoned Budmaster God Series LED - Perpetual - Multi-Strain - Coco - DTW

    Yo! A quick hello and summary of what my plans are. Hello! My name's lukio and i love LED! This is my first journal here but ive been heavily reading the other led grow threads - some really impressive work, well done chaps! I have a couple of led grows under my belt, i was using...
  5. F

    A New Type of Air-Pot

    I am researching air-pots and various type of fabric smart pots/pouches and cannot really decide. Aside from the outrageous prices say for the air-pots and smart pots, I find disadvantages with either type of pot. So while I am doing my research I am coming across those "Air Max Pots" by a...
  6. Forest Skunk

    Completed Forest Skunk & His 'Sweet Tai' Girls Performing on Soil - 2011

    Hi there and welcome to my first grow journal. This is not my first grow and I've gone from 1m² under a 400w HPS without any ventilation to now 2m² (1,5mx1,6m) under a 600w HPS with a 420m³/h exhaust fan. I would like to have 1000w but with that here in Germany my electricity bill would kill...
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