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    Running air pump on a schedule rather than 24/7 for DWC?

    So I have 6 5 gallon buckets filled up with wonderful ladies. I upgraded to a bigger air pump a few weeks ago when the 70 LPM gave up. I now have one of the big 110 LPM commercial pumps and it runs at about 45 to 50 db. The challenge is I have the grow room on the 2nd floor of an apartment. The...
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    Roots growing above medium? How bad a shape am I in?

    So I saw that my new roots starting growing above my medium (hydroton) a little bit... not much... just little nubs. I read around on the forum and saw that meant they were root-bound. I figured that must mean not enough oxygen since I'm in a bubbleponic system. I then checked and saw that...
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    Hello everyone! Stinky air pump?

    Hello to all that see! I have a problem with my new Hailea 9730 air pump. I built the microbeman simple airlift Brewer 5gal. This pump made the whole room and my tea smell like rubber/ plastic. Very strong smell! Kinda like old air from a tire. Has anyone else had this issue? What did you do to...
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    Air Pump Size or Recommendations? For (12) 27 Gallon RDWC

    Hello all, and thank you for your help it is much needed xD. I am wanting to start a hydro greenhouse, with RDWC. I am planning on 12 plants in the greenhouse, i am looking at 27 - 30 gallon tote for ea plant. I am a COMPLETE NEWB and thinking the larger totes will allow larger growth? And...
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    Help so with bubble cloning please

    Hi there I want to build a small bubble cloner ( 1 gallon ) and don't no what pump to get a know everybody say bigger is better but a don't want to get wan to small or to big as it is a small cloner Ano it it something like 2Lpm for every gallon of water in a dwc or am I gettin it wrong from...
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