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  1. WankirA

    Drying smell reduction: Air Purifiers, yes or no?

    Hey all, Am currently about 4 weeks away from first harvest ever and getting a little keen. I am intending on using a herb net in my loft which should provide the cool & gentle airflow to dry the buds for a week or two before i cure. While I have every confidence the smell won't permeat into...
  2. S

    Vested interest in moving MM forward

    Hello from Colorful Colorado and one of the progressive (parts at least) medical marijuana forerunners in the US. I grew up in the 60's and the interest, potency and variety of marijuana and designer strains has certainly evolved since then. My interest is multi. My wife and I have an...
  3. Creeper

    Odor Control!

    Hello Grow Gurus... I have a pretty straightforward question about plant odor. I plan on having a grow of no more than 4 plants, in soil. I will build an enclosure for them, probably about 3x3x5, veg them for a bit, then flower them. The enclosure will be illuminated with to-be-determined...
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