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    Exhaust in right position?

    Hi there 420mag, Long time lurker, first time poster. Decided to setup a grow using passive air intake nudged on by the power of the exhaust. Only problem is, I worry I placed my exhaust fan in the wrong place. Currently my exhaust is positione above the intake air hole side of my tent...
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    3x3 tent help

    I have a 3x3 tent in my bedroom close to window. First grow so I started with autos. 1000w led I have a 4" inline with a corbon filter bc of nosey neighbors.(even though this is medical grow) do I need an intake on the lower hole of my tent to bring air in? Any recommendations on dehumidifier...
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    Airflow needed for LED Box

    Hello, with HPS lamps, I red that the airflow needed for a growbox with carbon filter in cubicmetres/h should be about the same as the power consumption of the lamp. But how is it with LED panels? Obviously they need less but how much? Specifically: a 60x60x140cm Growbox with a Mars reflector...
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    Too much air flow?

    Hi guys, just need some help I have a small grow box 2ft x 2ft x 6ft and I have just bought and installed a 6inch inline fan, after realising how much noise it makes and how powerful it is I bought a fan speed controller, however when I turn the fan speed down the inline fan makes a buzzing...
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    LED lights, CO2 Generator and air exchange?

    I am a new grower and trying to find an answer to an air exchange question. Running 4 x 600W LED's, a greenhouse master controller and a CO2 generator. Do I need to exchange the air as often as if I were running HPS's? I have to add heat because my grow are is in a cold storage room in a...
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    Height - Yield ratio and assorted questions.

    Question 1 This is probably a stupid question, but since all I've grown all my life is my hair and nails, I'm clueless to it. Anyway, here it is. Will a taller plant give better yield? I'm torn between using one large wardrobe (175cm tall) divided vertically for both veg and flower cycle...
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    Air flow issues in a tent, odor . Need help?

    I am using a tent for my first grow hope its the only time i need to use this tent problem is im worried about smell because this is set up in a 1 bedroom apartment. its 4 1/2x 4 1/2 x 7 feet high. using a 1000w air cooled enclosed light when i first started i had one fan blowing cool air...
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