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    Abandoned My First DWC

    Hello friends I will attempt to lay out my progress up until this on aprx day 20 in the dwc( 3 plants)but maybe a week of that i was using a measly 7w light with a 16 gal resevoir. I run a small air pump and 5inch airstone . I am now almost fully prepared with a 2x2x4 tent and...
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    Crazy glue safe in reservoir?

    Hi everyone, lemme just say hi since I'm new here :P Anyways, I have 2 53L reservoirs, which I plan on growing 4 plants in, 2 in each container in a DWC setup. My problem is kinda simple really. I wanna put a 14" airstone in the bottom of each reservoir. I've tried to keep them held down with...
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