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  1. Aivix

    Attic Grow - White Widow XXL Auto - Royal AK Auto - LED

    Hello, all this is my first grow journal and will be my growing number four. And till now I'm doing very good so now I want to show how I grow. This is the first time I grow at the attic and with LED. Already I messed up first 6 plants at attic, because of fibre pots I think which need to...
  2. bulkdelish

    Random auto and AK Auto 120x60x150 grow tent HSP 400w

    just a quick post on the update of my plants. I started only just 31 days ago so I'm a noob. I've got them set up and in a 120x60x150mm grow tent with 400w HSP grow light from flower power with a blue spectrum mixed my normal organic soil 50%, coco 30% and perlite 20% roughly stated usuing...