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  1. S

    First Grow Week 7 Flower! Check it out!

    Hey guys so this is my first grow! Ive dealt with lots of minor problems and some bigger ones along the way. The Nugs aren’t as big as they could be but still have a few weeks left. Right now I am almost done week 7. Monday will be beginning of week 8. They were Vegged for about 3 months and...
  2. S

    Scizzlys Second Multi Strain Grow In Soil 2019

    Hey guys so this is my second grow. My first grow is actually about 2-3 weeks away from Finishing up and wanting to get a head start on the next run. This run I’ll be growing 3 Shiskaberry, 3 AK47, 3 707 Headband, 3 White Widow. All Photo period and I am growing 1 Amnesia Haze Auto flower...
  3. Tutankhamon up close

    Tutankhamon up close

    This plant produces a lot of buds
  4. Tutankhamon


    Amazing plant!
  5. Outoftime

    Tutankhamon By Pyramid Seeds

    I am enjoying growing this strain. Planted on May 8,2018 the seeds took off right away and become very tiny little fluorescent green plants. I named them Tut, Ankh and Amon. When they were only 2 inches tall I put a oscillating fan on them to toughen them up. On June 9,2018 I put them outside...
  6. ddGreenThumb

    New Grower - A quest to perfect the art of growing

    Hey guys! I'm a new grower, about 2 months into this wonderful world of growing cannabis. Like most newbies I've been forum surfing and article hopping in an effort to devour as much knowledge as possible to ensure my girls grow healthy, happy, and strong! I'm a bit of an experimentally driven...
  7. D

    Dragon's Soil Grow Of AK47 & Pineapple Express Auto 2017

    Hi all! This is my second grow. With the first, I started out with some basic research and initial supplies, but mostly it was a learn as you go endeavor. So now I'm taking what I learned from that one by doing it (and making many mistakes along the way) as well as much research on websites and...
  8. P

    AK47 strain ready to harvest?

    Ladies and Gents, This plant Ak47 strain is 10 weeks old. At any given leaf looking under microscope (tried to take pics but blurry) I see about 3-4 amber tricomes rest mostly cloudy with some clear still. Where am I at in the process? Can I start flushing? i do have a pic in my gallery of...
  9. ScrogOrDie

    ScrogOrDie's 2400W THC Snow, AK-47 & Caramelicious Journal

    Seed Bank: Marijuana Seeds NL Strains: 17 x THC Snow (THC Bomb x White Russian x Big Bud), 17 x AK-47 (Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani), 2 x Caramelicious (Maple Leaf x Afghan Kush) THC Content: THC Snow: 20—28%, AK-47: 15—20%, Caramelicious: 17—20% Veg Time: 5 weeks Flower...
  10. jonny131

    2nd grow in 8 years

    Organic grow white widow and ak47 Seem to be doing fine
  11. Pinktiger777

    First time grow - Hydro ebb & flow - LED - Please look

    View image in gallery This is in a Gorilla Tent, 2 X 2.5, with 300 LED light, by Viperspectra; Viagrow hydroponics system 6" inline duct and intake, with filter and fans; I used General Hydroponics flora grow, flora Micro and Flora bloom; But I messed up the nutes and added too many, and my...
  12. M

    First Grow, AK 47, Am I Doing Anything Wrong?

    Hi everyone, I just started growing my own weed. I started with the ak 47 strain, because I heard it is a very stable strain and good to start with. I wanted to know if I am doing something wrong. Right now I am 2 weeks into vegging, but my plants stay pretty small. I created this little...
  13. M

    Young Plants Leaf Curl & Edge Yellowing

    Hello, This is not my first grow, but it is my first with decent seeds. My previous grows have been random ol bag seeds. I was wondering what could be causing the leaf curling on the one plant and the yellowing along the edge on the other. They're both a month and almost 2 weeks old...
  14. L

    First Grow - Strawberry Ice - White Queen - AK47

    Day 20 I started late but so far so good. Lights 6 42 watt 6500k 2800 lumens 6 23 watt 1600 lumens for veg. I want something better for flowering. Soil fox farm ocean forest Nuts fox farm trio. Grow room right now is 4×6 but may expand my down stairs is around 4000 sq foot of unused...
  15. Growgurl

    My First Amare SE450 LED Grow: AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk

    Greetings from Australia! This is my first ever indoor grow using 2 x Amare SE450 LED's. (They have changed the name to SE350 now. Not sure why but still the same LED). Victor from Amare has been amazing in getting me going with theses lights and is always on hand to offer advice or answer...
  16. Indigoism

    My 2nd Outdoor Auto Grow - AK47 & Diesel

    Hey guys! Indigoism here, 1 year ago I was obsessed with reading grow journals here at 420magazine and loved the idea of growing my own green, but unfortunately had no where to grow so I am very excited to finally be able to start my own journal and for you guys to follow me on this...
  17. SugarX

    SugarX's 1st Grow - 3 x White Widow Auto - 1 x AK47 - 600W LED - Soil

    Thanks for checking out my first grow! After lots of research and time spent studying many of the best indoor growers on here I finally decided to give it a go. Here's a breakdown of my setup and strains in this grow: 3 x ILGM White Widow Autos - Planted Sept 1st still waiting for them to...
  18. D

    Robbie's - Multi-Grow Journal - 2016

    Hi everyone Long time reader, short time contributor here. I figured this time I would do a grow journal and share accordingly. This will be concerning my 4th grow back-to-back but I will also include emerging details of Nos #2 and #3. I started with some non-descript bag seed for grow#1...
  19. C

    ClosetCase420's - RDWC - 600W MH/HPS - AK47 - Grow Journal - 2016

    The strain is Feminized AK48 from Nirvana. I started on 4/12 by germinating 2 seeds. I germinated the seeds by... First letting them submerse themselves in a cup of water. Next I kept the seeds between two moist paper towels in between two plates for 2 days. On day 2 I moved the...
  20. X

    Hello from Cumbria England

    Hello all, Newbie here and doing my first grow......Im growing 3 AK47, 1 Blue Treacle, and 2 Pineapple Chunk. The plants are all auto females from Gorilla seed bank. Im growing using 2 100w COB's in an 80x80x1.80 meter tent. My little babies are in various stages, the AK47 has just got...
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