ak49 auto

  1. Serenity420

    Abandoned Serenity's First Grow

    Hi everyone! Im new to the forums and new to growing in genereal. But ive been reading on here for awhile and Ive done my research. Im growing 1x White Widow Auto and 1x AK-49 Auto both from vision seeds. Using soil and CFLs for my first attempt until I get some experience. 92w actual over each...
  2. Y

    First grow AK49 3 weeks old any advice welcome

    Hi I'm a first time grower and this is my 3 week old AK49 auto flower. I grew it with an LED light and I think it is growing well but I may be wrong as I have no previous experience. Any general advise would be helpful. I would like to know if the plant is at the right size for it's age and if...
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