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  1. J

    Request for advice - SnowBud - Akorn week 7 bottom leaves yellow

    Hi everyone, It's me again, the guy from the Day 20 SnowBud - Too small? Slow growth? My Snowbud / Akorn from Dutch Passion is 7 weeks old now (seed planted early June) and after a slow start (see link above) my baby is now growing a lot faster. Started giving nutes from 28 June onwards and...
  2. FunkySkunk

    FunkySkunk's 2nd Grow - LED SCROG - Super LemonHaze - TrainWreck -Akorn - Purple Haze

    Whatsup :420: Funky's back, this time with LED's ....in the post...waiting for them to arrive. After recently completing my first ever grow using CFL's, I had to get another grow on as I really enjoy it and got some lovely buds for my stash aswell ;) My previous grow space had some...
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