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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: How To Make Cannabis Work In San Francisco - Part II

    Thanks to Prop 64, adult-use cannabis is coming to California on Jan. 1. But is San Francisco ready? On Sept. 26, District 8 Sup. Jeff Sheehy introduced an ordinance to address the numerous facets of how adult-use will work for the city. Cannabis activist Terrance Alan says that while the...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: How To Make Cannabis In San Francisco Work

    As Terrance Alan sees it, he’s come out of the closet twice. The first time was when he came out as a gay man. Now he’s come out as a cannabis user. “I don’t think people have that opportunity in their lives very often,” the 64-year-old Alan says, “to come out of two closets, where what they...
  3. K

    CA: Cannabis Cafe Planned In San Francisco

    Cafe Flore, which has been on the corner of 16th & Market Streets in San Francisco for 44 years, has been sold. The Bay Area Reporter brings word that new owners Terrance Alan, 64, and Aaron Silverman, 41, take possession of Cafe Flore today, and hope to turn the business in to San...
  4. K

    CA: SF Prepares For Possible Cannabis Legalization

    A week out from the November election, San Francisco department heads and local residents are preparing for the potential legalization of marijuana across the state. A 21-member task force, which has worked to develop a set of recommendations for policymakers to consider if California voters...