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alaskan ice

  1. pan4gold49

    Pan's Aero Garden (Super Lemon Haze) + More

    Hi Yall! :welcome: Since the Experimental part of my other garden is about complete and don't want that one to go forever. Now is the time.:smokin2: Plus soon the snow will melt and collecting time begins.:439: Now for the lineup. 2x Super Lemon Haze (2008 CC winner) by the Greenhouse 1...
  2. pan4gold49

    Pan's Experimental Garden

    Hi Yall! The Experimental garden. The idea for this is to design and perfect Led lighting. The garden is located at a friends house I would be stupid to be trying to sell led panels from the same location I grow in. So with that said (the wife will be pleased) lets go.:smoke2: I have not...
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