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  1. C

    Cpt Clapped needs your help!

    So I’m growing autos , I’m in week 4 and noticed some thrips , I used natural stuff and I think I used too much because the next day the leaves were burnt an orange colour I looked to see if it’s rust and apparently if you rub the leaf The rust goes onto you’re finger So that wasn’t the case...
  2. IMG_20190925_214359.jpg


    This has to be the slowest burning flower ive cured and how smooth in a joint only after 7 plus days since chop.
  3. Preston9mm

    Temple Of Bloom

    Finally decided to start a journal for my little underground grow. Welcome to the Temple of Bloom 2- 1000 watt LED 2- 150 watt CFL Soil is a mix of good potting mix, perlite, and vermiculite. I've done a few plants in coco coir as well. I use varying nutrients, but generally use Advanced...
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