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  1. Ron Strider

    Albania Grapples With Cannabis, A Hurdle To EU Accession

    As Albania gears up for elections, one huge challenge facing the Balkan country has been low on the campaign agendas: the scourge of its cannabis fields, which threatens to hinder EU accession. Morocco may be the leading source of cannabis resin, but mountainous Albania is the main supplier...
  2. K

    Albania: Europe's Unannounced Outdoor Cannabis Capital

    Albania has become the largest producer of outdoor-grown cannabis in Europe. The potent plant has been described as "green gold" for struggling farmers. In a poor nation, it's a billion-euro industry. Off a dirt road, in a small village north of Tirana, there's a half-built, tumble-down...
  3. R

    Albania MP Seeks End To Ban On Growing Hemp

    A government MP in Albania is preparing an amendment to the law code that will permit the cultivation of hemp, or so-called "industrial cannabis", in the country. Villages in the Malesia e Madhe in northern Albania grew hemp for years for use in the textile and oil industries but stopped...