1. bigbudz90

    Introduction & New Grow: Incredible Bulk DWC Grow, ROCK Nutrients

    Why hello fellow growers, stoners and alike! Ok so ive been growing for some time now and wanted to share some of my experiences, and of course gain new knowledge from all the amazing 420 peeps! so why not journal this grow which im currently entering week 3, also im going to share my mistakes...
  2. M

    New grower: Need help, advice, tips, pictures

    hello, first of all. i have 2 main question. 1. does hydroguard kill or keep algae away? 2. my plant is stunned and some of the leaves have brown vein/spot on them. how do i combat this problem? is this an algae or nutrition issue? info regarding my setup: i have been closely following this...
  3. Mayne

    Algae growth and watering

    so, whats the story on it. coco with sand on top, green algae forms, I water over it. Any concerns over this? would that alone mess up PH? Going to cover them now, but having issues and wondering what the effects are of doing the watering ontop of the algae. Thanks
  4. D

    Algae on table

    Just wondering if anybody has experience algae growing on the flood table and do you do anything to take care of it? Not asking just for myself I already taken precautions this time just want others to know what they can do.
  5. Katelyn Baker

    GA: Waterloo In Sponsored Research Agreement To Develop Cannabis-Oil Cancer Treatment

    The University of Waterloo has inked a sponsored research agreement with Algae Dynamics Corp. to perform fundamental research on cannabis oil and its constituents, with an eye toward developing treatment of cancers of the colorectum, pancreas, breast and prostate. This announcement follows...
  6. LiquidBud

    Canna Rhyzotonic causing algae?

    Hey everyone! It's going to be quick and short thread. Recently I've found amberish/brown little spots on my plant roots ( first on one plant, today on all of my plants ) I was panicked at first, but then I took Canna Rhyzotonic bottle and read its label, and it says : So my thoughts are...
  7. L

    Plant suicide...algae?

    omega system grotek's grow formula crop: lettuce medium: some in rw, some in peat plugs light: 2 600w hps bulbs, one red, one blue An algae coat started forming on the tops of all the media. I knew this was probably a problem, but my friend (who has a soil greenhouse) had algae...
  8. M

    Can Someone Identify This Substance?

    HYDRO GROW Strain - Sativa/Indica Strawberry Cream # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Flower Setup - Recirculating DWC Light - 600 Watt HPS Nutrients - General Hydronponics MaxiBloom Medium - Hydroton PPM - 800 PH - 5.8 RH - 41% to 55% Room Temperature -66 to 79...
  9. G

    Green Algae/Any help kindly appreciated.

    Hey Groovers, I've got green algae all over the top of my media.It doesnt seem to be affecting growth but i would still like it gone. I am trying new media called Fytocell, Fytoflake its supposed to be impossible to over water. Its white chopped up foamy kinda stuff. Seems good so far except for...
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