alien og

  1. odinsmaster

    Odin’s On His High Horse Again

    All right guys I’m going to try to make this journal perpetual. I just cut clones last night, alien og, platinum kush breath, garlicane, and sugarcane. I will run 6 and 6 and have not made my final decision yet. I’ll post pics of each and you guys and gals can help me decide what to run. I run...
  2. odinsmaster

    Completed Aliens Took Over The Flower Room!

    This grow will be finished up dec 20th. Thought I would drop a short journal just for shit's and giggles. Strain: Alien Og Medium: Coco Lights: 6 timber grow light 3vl Nutes: Dutch pro Temps: 72f Im running 12 plants, 6 different cuts. Watering 3 times a day 1200 to 1500 ppm. Any...
  3. elunex

    Abandoned Elune's Alien OG & Ogre Autoflowers in Coco

    This is my second grow. I welcome any kinds of criticism or suggestions. I realize that I am still learning, and looking forward to doing so in the process of keeping this grow journal. This is my first experience with autoflowers. Strain(s): Ogre & Alien OG (From GreenSmokeRoom) Type of Seed...
  4. C

    Abandoned Alien OG Micro Grow 125 Watt Veg/200 Watt Flower

    Welcome to my grow journal 420 mag! First off id like to give you a slight background about my self. I would say my growing level is intermediate because this is my fourth grow so i have learned a few things, but I'm still humble to suggestions and would love educated recommendations from...
  5. G

    Questions on upgrading my grow

    I've been successful with CFLs in a rubbermaid container and now I'm looking to build a bigger box and upgrade to HPS/MH. I've read up that those lights put out light in a more squared area, but I wanna build a box at this dimensions: L 5ft x W 2ft x H 6ft My questions are how may pants (Alien...
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