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  1. it's in the Smithsonian, already:

    it's in the Smithsonian, already:

    the first fist bump, first alien first bump, first caucasian fist bump and first bud fist bump.
  2. JV Growers

    DWC for 1 plant - Alien 55L Bubbler ( first choice ) vs Aquafarm vs Autopot vs ???

    Hi guys & gals, I would like to setup a grow tent for 1 plant in DWC for an old person ( over 73 years old, so the maintenance has to be very easy, and a DYI solution is not practical ), using the Lighthouse Max 0,76 m2 tent model, but I am hesitating as there are few products available even...
  3. alien auto.jpg

    alien auto.jpg

    Blew Hiller Spring Crop-April 17
  4. D

    What nutrients should I use on an alien 6 pot system

    I've recently purchased an Alien RDWC XL 6 pot system, as this is all new to me I just wanted to know what nutrients you'd recommend from start to finish.
  5. K

    CA: Vallejo Now A Legit Destination For Medical Marijuana

    Vallejo's medical-marijuana industry has weathered yet another crackdown and is in full bloom this year. Thanks in part to state-level regulations, medical-marijuana patients throughout the north and east bays can obtain some of the best regionally grown cannabis flowers, and hence the world...
  6. CLo1017

    Need help!

    Ok so I'm a first time grower and I statsted my grow roughly 7-9 weeks ago. I just need to know if it is too early for me to start flowering! I don't have a lot of space for my plant to grow it's about 6 inches right now. I will get some picture up if need be! The strain is Alien OGxChem #4
  7. S

    Thrips 21 days into flower - Please help

    strains: fy9, alien og, and critical hog Fy9-sativa/indica(25%)/sativa(75% Alien og-Hybrid/Indica Dominant Critical hog- indica soil/Fox farm OF indoor x2 315 Lec's ph 6.3-6.5 RH varies havent got good at controlling this(first grow) 40-60 pest-thrips watering every 3-4 days...
  8. Shankin

    Shankin's Alien Dog Coco To Perlite 3L Hempy

    What strain is it? Alien Tech x Chem Dog (self bred) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid Unable to give percentages as they are bred from personal stock. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? Germinated 5/13/12 If in Flower stage... For how long...
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