1. K

    Alkaline Water

    Will alkaline water raise soil pH safely?
  2. Crianza

    Very hard tap water - Help

    Hi all, I'm about to begin growing a couple plants indoors. I mixed soil using FFOF, Happy Frog potting mix, about 20% perlite and worm castings. I've never used the soil before but everything I read says the soil will buffer the PH to the correct levels. The tap water I have is very hard with a...
  3. C

    Help! New plants, leaves looks so Curl and Down? PH problem?

    The left 2 plants are Regular Radom seeds form my friend form Europe, one on the back is G13 blueberry auto, on the right one is Dinafem white widow auto. As you can see the all leaves going down, only the blueberry seems better。 Gears IN DOOR: I use 600W MH light, 18/6, exhaust fan...
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