all in one setup

  1. L

    Need help sizing up my DIY grow cabinet

    Friends, next month's it's going to be 2 years that I'm here amongst you. I read a lot, learned a lot and finally I have space so will get to have my own grow going. Extremely excited but now that it's crunch time also feeling bit lost! Long story short, I need your guidance and help planning a...
  2. shugs420

    First grow box and soon to come grow

    Hey guys ive been building a 36W x 24D x 48H grow box with 3 sections for a all in one micro grow. I need to figure out how to seal the light in and sort out temps but so far so good, if you guys have any suggestions or questions on the project feel free to ask !
  3. V

    Pro Grow closet all in one

    Hey all, Newbie here ready to jump in and get started. Wanted to get some advice on these grow closets. Has anyone used any of these setups? I'm sure we've all grown in "closets" before but these all in ones are pretty interesting for the $$$ Your collective words of wisdom will be much...
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