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  1. P

    1st time grow, deficiency? Nute burn?

    Hey all! These plants are all in General Hydroponics cocotek and using Green Planet "take it and grow" nutrients kit. They are about 5 weeks from germination. Lately I am noticing the bottom leaves are dying off and some tip burn. Some purple stems too. I use the 5 gal jugs of water at room...
  2. A

    Recent user of cannabis but ran into a problem.

    Hello All, Glad to be a part of the community! Since I am new and currently am experiencing a rather bad or uncomfortable experience, I want to briefly explain what has occurred and ask for your advice and/or encouragement. 4 months ago I made some cannabis oil. The cannabis was not...
  3. A

    Close to harvest?

    I've been growing this bag seed for awhile now. It's been in flower for 10 weeks now. I haven't seen much of a difference this past week and most if not all trichs are cloudy. I'm using a 600w led in DWC.. avg temps range from 67 to 73 from lights off to on. I have used plain water this past...
  4. S

    Newbie 1st grow needs advice

    I have 3 plants in a hydroponic setup. All 3 are from seed, problem is one plant has become larger than the other 2 by a long way and is in danger of shrouding the light from it's neighbour. They are all Trainwreck strain and in week 6 of grow with 20/4 hours light/dark. How can I either...
  5. Stunned

    Long term storage and RH

    Hi everyone, A couple of questions regarding storage of your harvested crop. So, you've harvested, you've air dried, it, trimmed it, cured it ect. You're 100 percent finished........ Now what? If you've grown just for yourself, you may upwards of 15, 16 or more ounces to store. Whats the best...
  6. Bluenoser

    Greetings from Nova Scotia

    Hello all, greetings from Nova Scotia Canada....eh :)
  7. M

    Need your advice - What light is the best for me?

    Hello , thanks for all the nice information this forum is providing for all of us. please excuse my english i will try to make my words clear i need help in choosing the best lights for my growing cabinet , i did reed many articles but i am still confused . first of all this is my growing...
  8. L

    Help with my grow - White Indica

    Hi all.. this is my second grow.,, it is White Indica I bought from Amsterdam... this is now week 4 of veg. I use 18/6 hour light schedule.. is this normal to have yellowish leaves? When I can start flowering (12/12) ? Am I doing something wrong here? I use LED VIPARSPECTRA light (all reviews...
  9. K

    RSO Oil

    Hello friends, I want to find out a very important matter, that are prepared oil rso filters 220 microns from all the garbage (leaves and branches trunks branches) and then from the liquid that remains 25 micron filters and the liquid left over to put on heating. My question with what is left in...
  10. Jackalope

    22 and counting

    Tahoe Og is selfed dried F*#King incredible. Early on this plant showed good traits. Other then all Tahoe being pretty strong I did know for sure how strong this one would be. Mostly it was more practice at selfing plants so when I really have to do it I knew what I was doing. Won't be needing...
  11. Greenpig

    Hi to all!

    :thumb: Hi to all !
  12. J


    Glad to be here. I know I will learn allot from all of you.....
  13. L

    Help with correct inline fan/filter combo

    Hi all, New to all of this and I could use some help with my exhaust set up! I have a 3x3x6' tent, I'll be using a LED Dwarf Star Light. So, I'm pretty sure I want to go 6" fan/Ducting, in case I upsize tent a bit at some point, I dont mind going above what cfm's I need, and it seems most fans...
  14. N

    Auto issue on first ever grow

    My first grow, and it is.... interesting. I am growing 3 autos, 2 Tangerine Dreams and 1 Blueberry. The 2 TDs have had some weird growth, especially TD1 now in flower, but they are both producing bud, even with a weird mutation on one. The issue I am having is on the Blueberry. I'm on day...
  15. H

    New Member

    I'm lovin 420 Magazine...There's nothing newbie about me...I'm 75 years old in March. My wife says, get a Hobby or get out!!! So....I bought a 4x2x60" grow tent, 4" inline carbon filter and fan, and two 300 watt LED lights.... My Grandson's brought me 18 seeds from Costa Rica (Skunk ?) and if...
  16. CannaDad

    Hello all!

    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here. My name is CannaDad and I am a medical caregiver to a couple of clients. My grow style will be all organic and with focus on being energy efficient. I will be starting a grow journal detailing setting up my grow room and my first go at...
  17. T

    Suitability Of Lights

    Ill make this short and sweet. Constructing an HPA Aero, LED but wanted to get some experience. Did 6 triple cheese in soil and nose dived it pretty hard. Had no end of issue for heat to humidity etc.. ended up getting 2oz of decent bud and another 2oz of crap. Nothing ventured, nothing...
  18. Smeegol

    Old Consumer - New Grower

    Good Morning all, ( depends on where you are ) .. I'm hitting the big 40 this year, I've had 2 back ops in 3 years and a third coming in June this year which I'm trying to avoid as my doc wants to fuse l3-4 together and I'm not crazy on that idea due to how sucky the last 3 years have been...
  19. F

    I'm Back! Thanks For All Your Help Before!

    Hello all I was here a few years ago when I experimented in a cupboard and the input I got from you all was invaluable so I'm back and experimenting again, but this time I'm trying harder with more love! I am not an experienced grower. It was one plant in a cupboard and it went well enough...
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