1. OGeMann

    Summer grow

    I have 3 that are 3 weeks old NLxB, NL and PH I am using living soil and so far I am really impressed with it. I had a malfunction {ME} on my timer for my water pump, It ran for 10 minutes and flushed out on the tray. It didn't effect them at all...Did some LST A SGROG net will be used
  2. OGeMann

    Calling all scroggers

    I have 3 that are 20 days old from seed. I have some questions?? They are autos 1: when is a good time to put under the net 2: is it necessary to train 3: do I tie or weave through the netting?
  3. OGeMann

    Slow growth

    I have NLxB, NL and PH all autos soil mix NLS, coco loco, perlite, vermiculite, worm casting and top layer of mulch Does living soil have to be moist at all time? I read a 7-10 moist ratio is a good way to keep the soil moist, does this slow the growth down? inside grow; 5x5 tent Light: 600...
  4. OGeMann

    Mystery tiny plant

    Look what I spotted in the soil, I have no clue how it got there ??or what it ishere are some pictures taken from my phone tried to get a close up that is good enough and also from my scope too. BushDoctor coco loco mix with NLS (nature living soil), perlite, vermiculite and worm casting
  5. OGeMann

    VPD: The Final Stages Of Life

    Lets talk about VPD in flower, Am I supposed to follow VPD when in flower. (the final 2 weeks) humidity 30-40% temps 70-75F will give me a VPD of 1.5-1.65 {leaf temps -2,-3 cooler} that would be on the high end. do I keep the temp/RH or try to follow VPD. {just in flower} what about if running...
  6. OGeMann

    Light height

    I have a HLG 600 Rspec: Having issues on height and watts. as of now I have it at 24" pulling 450 watts. the ladies are at 5 weeks in flower so any help is appreciated
  7. OGeMann

    Leaf discoloration

    Problem: leaf discoloration Medium/grow method: soil- mix with fox farm ocean forest/fox farm happy frog. Added lime with soil mix Feed: and supplements used: formula II (bud and bloom) from a local fertilizer company water source: drip emitters , hand watering. Drain to waste PH in the...
  8. OGeMann

    Watering system

    Something I came up with hope it works waiting for tubing, emitters and sprayers to arrive.
  9. OGeMann

    White Widow Auto Grow: Pt. 2

    Started my second grow of White Widow autos: I have 6 of them this round.
  10. OGeMann

    When to harvest White Widow auto

  11. OGeMann

    White Widow Auto Trichomes

    Is it true the this particular strains( white widow auto) trichomes stays cloudy and it will not turn amber, or is this statement is false. Am I supposed to wait for the fan leaves fade then die to harvest them. They are 10 weeks,2 days from seed..... ?????:theband: here are some pics of them...
  12. OGeMann

    Red Leaves & Stem

    these were taken just a couple of minutes seen RED LEAVES on just one plant. Could this be of low temps, a sign of getting ready for harvest...... Thoughts or opinion ??
  13. OGeMann

    EC and PPM chart

    here is a conversion chart i made up, hope it helps (EC)----(PPM.5)------(PPM.7)-------(CF):same as EC .4---------200-------------280-----------4-----seedling/ rooted clones .6---------300-------------420-----------6----- .8---------400-------------560-----------8-----veg...
  14. OGeMann

    Watering daily

    Strain - White Widow auto # of Plants -4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (2) 1000 Watt LED (quantum Board Nutrients - Meigs Fertilizer Company Medium - 80% FFOF 20% coco PPM - 900 PH - 6.3 RH - 40% to 50% Room Temperature -75 to 80 Solution Temperature -72...
  15. OGeMann

    Light Height

    I need to know Light height requirements, Height of plants are 22 inches. I have 2 HLG 100 V2 3000K Quantum boards in a 5x5x8 tent right now they are 22” inches so I have the lights at 18 to inches from tops of canopy. Getting 2 more, I should be good Heights recommendation
  16. OGeMann

    First White Widow Auto Indoor Grow: Part 1

    4 White Widow autos: They are in 3 gal fabric pots in a 5x5x8 tent They popped up on October 11,2020: Zoom in on this one⬇️ Awesome looking this is them at 5 wks, 5 days⬇️ Soil 70-30% mix=FFOF/ coco 2: HLG 100 V2 3000K will be getting 2 more for the next grow In-line fan- 400 CFM 1- 6...
  17. P

    1st time grow, deficiency? Nute burn?

    Hey all! These plants are all in General Hydroponics cocotek and using Green Planet "take it and grow" nutrients kit. They are about 5 weeks from germination. Lately I am noticing the bottom leaves are dying off and some tip burn. Some purple stems too. I use the 5 gal jugs of water at room...
  18. A

    Recent user of cannabis but ran into a problem.

    Hello All, Glad to be a part of the community! Since I am new and currently am experiencing a rather bad or uncomfortable experience, I want to briefly explain what has occurred and ask for your advice and/or encouragement. 4 months ago I made some cannabis oil. The cannabis was not...
  19. A

    Close to harvest?

    I've been growing this bag seed for awhile now. It's been in flower for 10 weeks now. I haven't seen much of a difference this past week and most if not all trichs are cloudy. I'm using a 600w led in DWC.. avg temps range from 67 to 73 from lights off to on. I have used plain water this past...
  20. S

    Newbie 1st grow needs advice

    I have 3 plants in a hydroponic setup. All 3 are from seed, problem is one plant has become larger than the other 2 by a long way and is in danger of shrouding the light from it's neighbour. They are all Trainwreck strain and in week 6 of grow with 20/4 hours light/dark. How can I either...
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