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    Biobizz All Mix 50L
  2. cavalocansado

    DP StarRyder & Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto - Balcony - First Grow

    Summary: Balcony grow in soil (Biobizz All-Mix in 8L pots), Some CFL to strengthen the seedlings, Biobizz Fish-Mix throughout as only nutrient 1 x Dutch Passion StarRyder / 1 x Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto. After I get these out in the sun on their own, I'll plant another SR. Hi everyone! Enough...
  3. M

    MadWoodsman's 1st Grow - BlackJack - Soil/CFL - Closet - 2011

    hi folks, welcome to my first grow journal!:welcome: total noob but have been doing lots of reading and research on this great site and hoping some of you guys can help me get through to the end!:yummy: What strain is it? BlackJack feminized (Black Domina/Jack Herer) Is it Indica, Sativa...
  4. M

    BioBizz Allmix storage and seedling questions

    hi folks, first post, glad to be part of this great community and have been learning lots in lurk mode for the past while! I'm about to start my first indoor grow and have a quick question about using Allmix soil. I bought it about 3 years ago and it has been stored in a dry, dark place...
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