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  1. Getting there

    Getting there

    Week 3 of flowering
  2. ilikemsticky

    Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow

    total organic!
  3. J

    Weird Preflower

    I have one Feminized LA Confidential that is a bit different than any other plant I remember having. It is just beginning to preflower, but where I would expect pistils, it almost looks like male pollen sacks, and almost like it's growing more leaves, even though it is currently in 12/12. Has...
  4. A

    MH for flower?

    Hey all. Been using MH for veg and HPS for flower for many, many, years. Now, I am having people tell me to flower WITH my MH systems, and I'll have more potent medicine. Should I try this? I am almost ready to flip 2 Blue Dream girls. Opinion PLEASE!
  5. Sloppy

    Yet another - Is this ready to harvest - question

    Hi All, My first plant looks almost ready to cultivate but I'm uncertain if these trichomes are telling me something else. What I see are mostly cloudy heads with almost no ambers. To me this indicates that we're on the "front of the harvest period". Should I wait another week or...
  6. Z

    What is this weird deficiency! Mites? 5 weeks into flower. Very concerned.

    Hey. Not sure what the problem with my ladies is but i'm desperate to save them! They were doing wonderful until about a week ago. First a couple leafs and now the entire plant is starting to progressively get worse. I've spent so much time and energy on this grow. I'm almost willing to do...
  7. TheDarkTriad

    GG#4 5 weeks into flower currently

    so this is how 99% of leaves look. i am 5th week of flower, growth has stopped, buds are popcorn size, almost no smell almost no trics. Veg went perfect. ran veg 90 days. second week into flower the problem begain. first thought nuets,ph,ferts. all the usual everything was normal. no im...
  8. W

    Indoor grow

    I have hooked curling upward leafs and purple stems. The new growth is almost a yellow color
  9. C

    My first grow almost 8 weeks from seed

    I have 2 strains almost 8 week from seed. The ones in veg are CBDream, and the ones in flower are Amnesia Haze. Both stains are from crop king seeds. What do you guys think. This is my first grow.
  10. E

    Atmos vs Kandypen - Help

    I'm looking for a new portable vaporizer for wax. I heard great things about the Atmos KilnRa but I came across the KandyPen mini and they almost look the same. Can anyone help me with this very important decision? What's the difference? Why is the Atmos 80 something dollars and the KandyPen 130...
  11. Far East Buds

    Light Bleaching

    So I run a T5,2x4 that draws like 480W. I had been running it at half power for the summer to avoid the heat. I recently turned it back on full power and recall I use to get bleaching of the leaves.... I was wondering how this effects the plants. It is in Veg as in flower I get a little...
  12. BonzaSeedBank

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  13. D

    Autoflower too big

    if the autoflower gets to big for grow area is it OK to cut the top shute during first week of flowering? I have 6 and the 1 guy is massive and is almost invasive to other guys there. I just don't him to surpass the lights if that can happen.
  14. T

    Fungus Gnat damage? Or?

    So im almost a 100% sure I have a slight case of the fungus gnats... Ive been letting my soil dry almost completely out now and they seem to be going away. BUT some of my leaves towards the bottom (old and new) are looking hella gross. They are turning a deep brown and curling under. It seems...
  15. S

    First cycle - 5 autoflowers - Outdoors - Almost ready to harvest

    Hello everyone this is my first post but also my first cycle. I arrived a bit late since it is almost time of the harvest. Here are the strain that I chose from royalqueenseeds: Sweet skunk, royal ak, bubble kush, quick one, royal kush. 18-liter pots with pre-fertilized soil Cellmax. I Use fresh...
  16. F

    New guy here

    Hey everyone, I'm new to growing and to this forum I have 3 sets of plants. The first being Acapulco Gold 10 weeks into flowering almost done and have been my learning curve. The 2nd set I have are some northern light auto they have been Champs are doing awesome even tho I stunted them...
  17. G

    Problems Germinating My Seed Help

    Im having difficulties germinating my seeds I have more than 50 seeds given by a friend mix with indica and sativa and hybrid he had that seed almost a year. Tried every possible germinating procedure like paper towel (no luck almost 2 weeks) transferred them at soil,water soaking (18-24 hrs) or...
  18. C

    Help for a rookie grower

    What up yall. Ima rookie grower so please excuse me if my questions are stupid haha. So I was wondering what could be wrong with my plant..the top leaves are curling at the edge and they look bubbly almost (hard to describe) any advise helps, I'll post pics as soon as I figure out how. Thanks!
  19. A

    Clone medium

    I have been using ProMix as a medium for my clones started in Oasis plugs. I am thinking of making a change. I suspect that they changed their mix as my babies are not reacting the way I want them to. They droop and look sickly for about two weeks, almost like the Ph is off and they're...
  20. O

    Need Help Identifying Leaf Problem

    Not even sure if this is a problem but i just noticed a blotchyness to some of the leaves. It almost looks pitted. Any ideas?
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