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  1. Ron Strider

    HI: Oahu's Only Open Medical Cannabis Dispensary Sells Out After Three days

    The only open medical cannabis dispensary on Oahu has run out of its initial stock after just three days in business. Aloha Green opened on Wednesday, Aug. 9, and says it received three times the expected number of patients. With an average wait period of 1.5 hours, the line outside the...
  2. J


    Aloha everyone. Finally decided to open an account after visiting various times throughout the years. Hope to be entertained by what's going on around here. I grow outdoor sativa-doms on the Big Island of Hawaii, guerrilla and medical. ;)
  3. R

    Kauai Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applicant Partners With UFCW Union

    Green Aloha, Ltd., one of the consortiums applying for Kauai's first medical marijuana dispensary license, has struck an agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 480. Across the U.S., UFCW represents more than 1.3 million members – some of whom are part of its Cannabis...
  4. R


    Aloha everybody, I am new to this site and thought it would be a good idea to register because I started ordering seeds again and research has made me aware of crop king seeds. On the site it did lead me to 420magazine. Aloha
  5. K

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Hi all, I have been a legal Hawaii Medical Cannabis grower for five years. Trying to grow outdoors in Hawaii has been a nightmare. Pests, mold, crappy product, thieves and helicopters. And I always still had to buy it. This year I bit the bullet and built an indoor grow room. Temp and humidity...
  6. banyanhouse73

    Sup' from hawaii...

    Jus' introducing myself and giving some aloha-hope to get some back and meet some chill people here....laterz
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